Why use Laboratoire Altho Organic Massage Oils?

November 27, 2020 0 Comments

Why use Laboratoire Altho Organic Massage Oils?

Laboratoire Altho has a deep passion for the world of plants and all of the riches it provides. Their ingredients and primary materials undergo a rigorous selection process before ending up in our completely natural range of exceptionally high-quality products.

Why use Laboratoire Altho organic massage oils?

Laboratoire Altho organic massage oils are 100% natural and organic, composed of organic essential oils. Organic massage oil draws its properties from the richness of plants that have been carefully selected for their qualities and their benefits to the body.

What are the Laboratoire Altho oragnic massage oils?

100% Organic Muscle Massage Oil, 200 mL

Organic Muscle Massage Oil - helps soothe tight muscles. Ideal for preparing the muscle for exertion, for detoxifying the muscle after exertion.

100% Organic Serenity Massage Oil, 200 mL

Organic Serenity Massage Oil - to help improve sleep and relaxation. The entirely natural serenity massage oil combines the silky and delicate feel of sweet almond oil with the soothing and de-stressing properties of essential oils of lavender, orange and petitgrain.

100% Organic Respire Massage Oil, 200 mL

Organic Respire Massage Oil - to help with breathing and opening of bronchial passages. Respire massage oil is essential in winter. Its formulation rich in essential oils of eucalyptus, mint, pine and thyme will help to decongest the respiratory tracts taken and will help to stop the cough.

100% Organic Circulation Massage Oil, 200 mL

Organic Circulation Massage Oil - to help with blood circulation and lymph drainage. Organic circulation massage oil is ideal for restoring circulation comfort in the feet and legs. In a few minutes of massage, your members find lightness and freshness.

100% Organic Silhouette Massage Oil, 200 mL

Organic Silhouette Massage Oil - to help with slimming - aids in draining and breaking down fat, while stimulating blood flow. Organic Silhouette massage oil is an invaluable ally during a slimming regime. Its entirely natural formula uses cedar, cypress, mint, and pine essential oils for their capacity to drain and break down fat, all whilst stimulating localized blood flow to help remove broken down fat from cutaneous tissues.
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