Aviche M1 Wearable Air Purifier


Aviche M1 Wearable Air Purifier


Enjoy fresh air wherever you go. Wearable air purifiers produce negative ions that help promote cleaner and safer air.

Aviche M1 Wearable Air Purifier is the leading wearable personal air purifier in the market that uses cutting edge technology to emit negative ions that help push pollutants away from your breathing zone

Aviche M1 Wearable Air Purifier ion has an output of more than 20 million PCS/cm3 micro negative ions. Research shows that micro negative ions can go through the human body to enhance blood circulation, remove the free radicals, improve body immunity, anti-aging and improve sleep.



  • Remove PM2.5 99.9%
  • Remove Bacteria 99.9%
  • Remove Pollen
  • Remove Allergy
  • Remove Passive Smoke

Product Specifications:

Product Name: Wearable Air Purifier
Product Code: M1
Negative Ions: ≥ 20 millions PCS/cm3 (output)
                        ≥ 8 millions PCS/cm(5cm)
Recharging Current: 200mA
Rated Power: <1W
                    Red light turns on during charging
Indicator light: Red light turns off when fully charged
                      Blue light turns on during operational
Operating Conditions: ≤ 70%RH
Battery: Lithium-ion polymer battery
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Battery Life: Cycle charge >500 times
Weight: 50g
Product Dimension: 80X37X24mm
                               Main unit x1, Lanyard rope x1, USB recharging rope x1
Packaging List: Product inspection certification x1, User manual (including warranty card) x1
Package Dimension: 160X130X45mm


  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Far away from water and fire
  • Turn off the power when cleaning surface stains
  • Prohibit disassembly by non-professional
  • Avoid hard objects
  • Do not directly touch negative ions release tip by hand

Function Introduction

How does a wearable air purifier work?

Wearable air purifier needs no consumables, no filter to replace. One button to operate, easy to use. It can produce negative ions to work and can be rechargeable and reusable.

What is the function of negative ions?

Negative ions are very common in nature like the forest, waterfall, seaside, after a thunderstorm, etc. For example, People will feel refresh and comfortable. That is why there are plenty of negative ions.

AVICHE's Wearable Air Purifier is tailored to release negative ions. Negative ions not only can catch up with microscopic dust in air like pm2.5 and bacteria to purify the air and kill bacteria and also have good health function to the body. Negative ions can go through the human body to reduce blood fat, improve blood circulation, enhance immunity and anti-aging ability, improve sleep level, It is called "human body vitamin"!

How do negative ions purify the air?

Negative ions can capture the indoor PM2.5 and even smaller microscopic particles and change their physical properties to make the floating dust with different charges attract and adhere to each other, and finally, fall down to the ground. Moreover, negative ions have been identified as an effective means of killing bacteria to purify the air. The mechanism is the negative ions can be bind to the bacteria and cause the bacteria to undergo structural changes or energy transfer to die.

How to use

How to power on/off?

Push the power button to power on/off

How to recharge?

The wearable air purifier uses a standard USB charging interface and equip a common USB charging cable. Users can use the 5V/500Ma-1A adapter to achieve recharging (ordinary mobile phone charger can be used).

How long does it take to fully charge?

6-7 hours

How long can be wearable air purifier work and after fully charged?