Gelair™ Tub - Tea Tree Oil for Bathrooms, Toilets, Wardrobe

Gelair™ gel matrix in an all-purpose Tub to suit low volume, low flow areas such as bathrooms, toilets and wardrobes. The controlled and sustained release of Australian Tea Tree Oil vapour provides long lasting, maintenance-free protection against mold, bacteria and viruses.

  • Treats air and dust to control micro-organisms, bacteria, and mould.
  • Patented formulation helps reduce household odours.
  • Natural essential oil freshness.
  • Hygienically deodorise your home every time you use it.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Tea tree oil is widely known for it's ability to improve air quality. Use regularly for best results.


Directions for use:

Remove seal to expose gel. Screw lid back into place. Place Gelair Tub near air handlers, toilets, or any location where there is potential mildew, mold, moist, or static air. Gelair Tub will slowly evaporate, releasing the odour fighting vapours.Lasts up to 3 months depending on air flow. Replace as necessary.



Australian Tea Tree Oil, Scented Essential Oils, Gelling Agent, Alcohol, Glycerin, Water.

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