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Medical Mask Safety and Sanitation Products 3PLY

  • Three layers of high-density non-woven filter layers
  • Prevent entry and scattering of dust, pollen, viruses, and bacteria
  • With nose bridge clip to fit your nose
  • Polyurethane rubber, no burden on ears even if worn for a long time

Product description:

Product Name: Medical Mask
Non-woven fabric: Polypropylene
Material: Melting-blown: Polypropylene
Rubber: Polyurethane
Packing: 50pcs
Size: W 175mm x H 95mm

Notes on use:

  • This product cannot be used in the place where harmful dust and gas are generated, not can it be used to prevent the generation of harmful dust.
  • If the skin is abnormal, or itching, rash, or rash appears, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.
  • It is uncomfortable, please stop using it.
  • Please note that due to personal differences, there will be gaps around the nose and the glasses will be blurred.
  • As it may cause a fire or accident, please do not store it near heating equipment or fireworks.
  • Keep it in a clean place without moisture.
  • Since this mask is single-use, please do not wash and use it again


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