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Importance of Organic, Pure, and All-Natural

Organic, pure natural oils are produced with differently from conventional oils (including food grade).

Organic means working with nature, not against it. It means that the plants where the oil was extracted from were not genetically modified (GMO-free) and have not been grown with the use of biocides (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides), and chemical fertilizers. Due to the nature of farming, these plants are limited in production.

Pure indicates that the oil has not been mixed with anything else (like colorant and preservatives) or put through processes that remove vitamins, minerals, and other components that occur naturally.

Vegan indicates that the product does not contain any ingredient that is of animal origin.

All-Natural means that the oil only contains natural substances. Some cosmetic companies indicate "natural" on their labels, using only a couple of natural ingredients and the rest are synthetic, to fulfill commercial objectives.

Conventional oils (like those we see in our supermarkets) are a food source. The industrial production of food-grade vegetable oils involves processes to remove traces of biocides, and chemical fertilizers. These oils have to be further processed to increase shelf life, and are further refined and deodorized to remove colour and odour as this is what consumers want. The heat and chemical processes can diminish the natural health-giving components. Using processed oil on skin can cause irritation and sensitivity if they still have the residues of the biocides or chemicals used in processing. This is important when thinking about which oils to purchase. 

At HOPE, we clearly indicate in our labels if our products is Organic, Pure, and All-Natural. We are certified by Soil Association Standards and comply with COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standards).

The aim of the COSMOS is to harmonise organic standards globally, so whether you’re in Spain or Hong Kong the standards remain the same.

COSMOS offers two levels – Organic and Natural


If your product is based on oils and extracts then 95% of the ingredients must be organic to obtain COSMOS organic certification


COSMOS Natural products will be made up of naturally sourced products and may or may not contain organic ingredients.

With both Organic and Natural certification all ingredients must meet strict criteria involving green chemistry principles. Facilities, packaging and cleaning materials must also meet the standards. The entire supply chain needs to be verified.

We are against animal testing, and all our products are not tested on animals.