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Pure Essences from Nature!

Essential oils from House of Pure Essence (HOPE) are certified Organic, Pure, and All-Natural. We are certified by Bureau Veritas Certification France.

Sourced ethically from the best plantations, our essential oils are extracted by cold expression or steam distillation. Each essential oil is labelled with its botanical name, part of plant used, method of extraction, and origin. All-natural, vegan, preservative-free, pesticide-free, and not tested on animals.

As our essential oils are pure and are very very powerful, only a few drops are needed to experience the benefits. Dilution is highly recommended.

For safety, all our essential oils are packed in glass bottles with a tamper-evident cap.


• Our 100% organic pure essential oils are botanically
and biochemically defined.
• Each batch goes through chromatography analysis
to ensure the identity and quality of the essential oil.
• From one farm with organic and sustainable farming
practices for ultimate traceability.
• Bottled in France in a GMP-certified facility.

Our essential oils are botanically and biochemically defined. This label means that essential oils are fully defined both botanically (plant producing organ, exact Latin botanical name, chemotype, country of origin) and chemical.