Why is it Important to Have Air Conditioner Deep Clean Every 6 Months?

August 27, 2020 0 Comments

Why is it Important to Have Air Conditioner Deep Clean Every 6 Months?

Did you know that most air conditioner problems are caused by dirt
build-up on different system components? Air conditioner parts such as filters,coils, and fins require regular deep cleaning for the air conditioner unit to work effectively and efficiently. Failure to maintain your units limits air
conditioning performance while power consumption steadily increases. Air conditioners are also breeding ground for moulds and bacteria and is one of the best ways to recirculate moulds, bacteria, and viruses in the space.

Why Is It Important to Clean Air Conditioner Units?

With frequent use of air conditioner units, the filters are more likely
to get dirty. The air condition filters help filter the dust and dirt from the
fresh air coming out of the air condition. Unclean filters become an
obstruction for the air to pass.

Air conditioner deep cleaning is essential to keep your family safe from
the harmful effects of dust and allergens. Filters full of dust and dirt can
cause moulds and bacteria to multiply and may lead to serious health problems such as asthma, allergy, cough, and many more. It’s essential to keep your air
condition units clean to ensure that your home is safe from airborne viruses,
germs, and bacteria.

Deep cleaned air conditioner units can help you reduce your power
consumption. Cleaning air condition filters helps speed up the cooling process
and lets your room get cold in a few minutes. It will also help extend the
lifespan of your air conditioner units. Do you know that clean air conditioner
will reduce the greenhouse effect? If every office and household keep their air
conditioner units deep cleaned and well maintained, it can be a good start
toward a better eco-friendly world.

Now that you know the importance of a deep clean and well-maintained
aircon units, you must not waste any time and book
your air conditioner units deep cleaning

Why choose House of Pure Essence for deep aircon cleaning and sanitizing?

We clean the following types of aircon:

  • Window Type
  • Split Type
  • Cassette Type
  • Central/Ducted Type Residential
  • Central/Ducted Type Commercial/Office
Our proprietary 4-step Aircon Deep Cleaning Technique uses only all
natural ingredients (water, Gelair Aircon Cleaner, and optional Gelair Health-e
Split) and no harmful chemicals such as strong chemical cleaners and

Below are the 4-steps:

1. High-Pressure Water Sprayer

Rinsing is a crucial step to remove particle build-up. Only pure water
and German-made water sprayer are used.

2. Steam Cleaning

Deeper Cleaning Super-heated steam at 180C to remove grease and stubborn

3. Gelair Aircon Cleaner Treatment

Deeper Cleaning Super-heated steam at 180C to remove grease and stubborn

4. Gelair Health-e Split (Optional)

Continuous protection for up to 12 weeks. Gelair Health-e Split releases
just the right amount of Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, to ensure molds, bacteria, viruses do not multiply in your aircon. Visit here to know more about Gelair Health-e Split.
To know more about Aircon Deep Cleaning and Sanitising Service, you may
visit here.

The booking form is under construction; for bookings, you may send us a
message via WhatsApp or email us at hope@houseofpureessence.com.

Got any question? Write to us at hope@houseofpureessence.com. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more tips on using essential oils, beauty oils, and removing moulds all around your home.

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