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Using Argan Oil For Health Benefits - Potentash

October 10, 2022 0 Comments

Using Argan Oil For Health Benefits - Potentash

Argan oil is extracted from the roasted kernels of the argan tree by Berber women. The oil extracted from the fresh kernels is used for cosmetology.

When consumed, this oil gives out a hint of hazelnut taste. It is a costly oil as the tree species can only be found in Morocco. However, the use of this oil by cosmetic and hair care brands has led other tropical countries growing argan trees.

Since the oil is very profitable, other countries have also started growing trees to take advantage of the multiple brands and companies looking for the cheapest ways to obtain this oil. It is not just the cosmetic and hair care properties that make this oil popular, but also the cardiovascular-protective properties. By the way, if you love everything Moroccan, you will find a lot of interesting things at Shoppok, the leader in online sales in the USA.

How Is Argan Oil Beneficial For Your Health?

Argan oil offers various benefits to your health through its fatty acid content. These fatty acids are known to reinforce your health with positive effects. It is also widely used as an ingredient for different dishes around the world, especially in Morocco.

This oil is also commonly used in almost all cosmetic and hair products due to its skin and hair-repairing properties. Let’s look at how Argan oil is incorporated into different products that benefit your health.

Everybody wishes to look as young as possible, and though that is not achievable, it can be aided by using skin care products. People use all kinds of skin care products to maintain the quality of their skin.

Argan oil is one of the most common ingredients used in skin care products and has been that way for decades. Even without skin care products, you can use pure extract on your face before sleep. People apply a drop or two at night after steaming to get the best results.

This oil should not be used like coconut oil, where you apply large quantities. It is advised that you use only one or two drops on your face. If you are applying it on larger areas of your body, you may increase the quantity by a few drops.

Rubbing the argan oil on your face and giving it a gentle massage before sleep will give you a nice glow the following day.

Argan oil is an edible oil used for cooking and is beneficial for the heart because of its oleic-acid content. This oil can be used as a replacement for other oils used for cooking.

Other oils contain saturated fat, which is not suitable for the heart. When you consume excess saturated fat in your food, you risk falling prey to heart disease. Saturated fat can increase cholesterol levels in your blood vessels and cause blockage, which can lead to stroke.

This is why changing your edible oil to argan oil is advisable so that you reduce the risk of falling prey to heart problems. Oleic acid is not saturated fat, so it will have a lesser impact on your heart.

The consumption of argan oil improves your heart’s health by reducing cholesterol and inflammation. However, more research is required to prove this point, as it is instead a suggestive one than a proven one.

Argan oil has been used for hundreds of years to treat several skin infections and rashes. Though it is one of the most expensive oils in the world, it is worth the investment due to its several health benefits.

The oil is known to have anti-inflammatory antioxidants, which are suitable for treating skin tissue breakages. You can apply it to the areas where there is inflammation, and the antioxidants will speed up the skin’s repair process.

Antioxidants help keep the skin’s surface free from the dangers of oxidative damage. Many factors cause inflammation in your skin, like pollution and UV rays. These elements can change the way our skin produces melanin, resulting in the formation of dark spots and an uneven skin tone.

The antioxidants in argan oil can help prevent unusual skin discoloration by reducing photo damage. It also has antibacterial and fungicidal properties, which can help to heal various skin infections like eczema, furuncles, etc.

Argan oil is best known for being used in cosmetics, but it also has various benefits regarding hair care. It is used in most hair care products, as it has properties that help maintain your hair’s health.

It can protect your hair from damage and help prevent dandruff formation. Dandruff is formed whenever there is not enough moisture on the scalp. There will be inflammation on the skin because of the dryness, and it causes the dry skin to flake.

The flaking of the skin will further provoke you to scratch your scalp, spreading dandruff all over your hair. To prevent this, you need to use an oil to keep your scalp well-moisturized, and there is no better oil than argan oil. Its anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to penetrate the tiniest pores make argan oil the best option.

Main Components Of Argan Oil

The high cost of Argan oil has led to a number of elements trying to sell adulterated products. The companies that use argan oil ensure that it is not adulterated.

The main components of argan oil that makes them so popular are the fatty acids and campesterol. There is only a tiny trace of campesterol in the argan oil, which is an important component of most vegetable oils. The levels of campesterol and fatty acid in this oil can be determined by checking certain conditions by the use of gas chromatography.

There are also various traditional methods that help determine the purity of argan oil. Experts have suggested that using both modern and traditional methods together will produce the best purity-checking results.

There are also other sterols that are found in argan oil, such as Schottenol, Spinasterol, Avenasterol, Cycloeucalenol, Citrostadienol, etc. The amount of campesterol found in pure argan oil should be around 0.4% to determine that the oil is unadulterated.

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