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Top 8 Essentials to Pack for Holiday Travel

December 23, 2019 0 Comments

Top 8 Essentials to Pack for Holiday Travel

Where is your destination this Holiday season?

Holiday is already half way, but you still have enough time to enjoy it! No matter where your journey this holiday season, there are important items that you need to include in your baggage.

You need to have these 10 Essentials to pack for a healthy and memorable season:

1. Comfortable and Stylish Active

Even you are travelling you always need to be active and to be stylish at the same time.
Always pack an active wear when travelling because workout clothes are very flexible, it can be for fitness and to be stylish as well. To have great smelling clothes all the time while travelling, take 4 cotton balls add a couple of drops of organic essential oils and put it on the 4 walls of your suitcase.

2. Handy Protein

During holiday season it’s very difficult to stick to your healthy eating plans, most
especially when you are on road. The best way to keep your diet plans, pack a
handy protein and make sure to have a healthy protein snack wherever and
whenever you are.

3. Portable Charger

Always make sure you bring with you a portable charger while travelling. It is very important to have enough battery for shooting and taking breathtaking photos of your travel.

Disinfecting wipes

4. Disinfecting wipes

While travelling we might catch some sort of sickness, bringing disinfectant wipes is one of the best ways to prevent acquired sickness.

5. Essential oils

If you are planning to take a holiday travel, always consider packing essential oils. While travelling you need to have a supplementary support of an essential oil that
will help you enhance your body, mind and soul.

  • Lavender

As we all know that lavender essential oil is used as calming oil, so it’s important to bring organic lavender essential oils with you to relieve stress and jet lags. The scent of lavender EO will help you ease any travel problems and may help you get a good sleep even in hard to sleep areas.

  • Peppermint

The bright scent of organic peppermint essential oil will help you boost your energy with a calm mind while on travel. During our travel we can’t avoid annoying bugs, peppermint EO can ease the bug bites by applying a few drops directly to the skin with bites.

  • Tea Tree

During travel days breakouts is very rampant because of travel related stressors. Organic Tea tree essential oil is a great remedy for pimples and even blackheads. This essential oil is a great support for healthy immune system while travelling.

  • Lemon

Lemon essential oil is known for its detoxifying and uplifting aroma and very essential when travelling. It also clean and disinfect areas that you might touch. Wen you try to experience new foods it can cause upset stomach; organic lemon essential oil is the best answer for it. New destinations mean new allergens, inhaling lemon EO will help you ease seasonal asthma and other related respiratory issues. Preparing ahead or diffusing lemon EO is the best preparation head on.

6. Socks

Winter travels means going somewhere cold. Bringing thick socks will help you battle the cold breeze.

7. Water Bottle

When travelling make sure you bring your
water bottles to be more hygienic.

8. On the go detergent

As we all know that when travelling we can’t pack many outfits as we wish we could. So securing on the go detergent
will help us hand wash clothes in the sink. Adding a couple organic essential oils as mentioned in tip # 5 in your final rinse and it will keep your clothes
smell good.

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