Top 7 Organic Essential Oils for Anxiety and How to Use Them

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Top 7 Organic Essential Oils for Anxiety and How to Use Them

In our current situation it's really normal to feel anxious and afraid. Most of us tried a lot of things to ease the anxious feeling, for me, I love to smell the scent of essential oils whenever I feel anxious or want to feel calm.
If you are suffering from constant stress, using mindfulness techniques for your body and mind (such as mindful meditation) and talking with an expert in mental health may reduce stress and help unwind your mind. There is also research that suggests that aromatherapy scent essential oils can aid in reducing stress.

Here are the top 7 organic essential oils and how to
use them.

1. Lavender essential oil

One of the most well-known essential oils in aromatherapy, the lavender
essential oil
is sought-after for its relaxing effects on the
body and mind, as well as its ability to reduce anxiety.
In a study published in the journal of alternative and Complementary Medicine, for instance, participants were exposed to the stressor before taking on the task of memory. Those who breathed in a lavender aroma before stressing themselves performed superiorly to the ones who inhaled a scent of a placebo.
Lavender oil is available in many aromatherapy products like massage oils and bath salts.

2. Lemongrass essential oil

To help ease anxiety naturally, people may opt for aromatherapy that involves the application of the essential oils of lemongrass, an oil derived from the lemongrass plant ( Cymbopogon citratus). The scent inhaled by essential aroma (or application to your skin only sparingly after mixing it with carrier oils) is believed to help promote relaxation and ease anxiety-related symptoms.
Although research isn't extensive on the efficacy of lemongrass essential oils, a research study published in the Journal of
Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2015
showed that those who inhaled
lemongrass essential oil immediately experienced a decrease in tension and
anxiety. Additionally, they could quickly recover from an anxiety-provoking
scenario compared with people who inhaled a placebo scent (essential tea oil
from trees) or a placebo.
How to use: You can add lemongrass essential oil to your favorite carrier oil and massage it to your skin for a relaxing effect.
Diffusing organic lemongrass essential oil will transform your environment into a peaceful and relaxing space.

3. Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Aromatherapy uses sweet orange
essential oil
scent to be pleasant, uplifting, and joyful, yet simultaneously relaxing, calming effects that can help reduce pulse rate. It's not just providing warmth but also boosts the power and strength in the body's immune system. It can also get rid of airborne bacteria.

4. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil can help put you in a good mood, easing anxiety and elevating
A study of mice showed that mice who took in the vapors of lemon oil had fewer signs of stress.

5. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint can do more than just freshen up your breath. If you have digestive issues, nausea, vomiting, or headaches, the essential oil of peppermint can assist in relieving certain symptoms because of its antibacterial, muscle relaxant as well as cleansing qualities.
Similar to other essential oils, including lavender, peppermint essential oil could be used to provide relief from anxiety, stress, depression, and stress because of its beneficial natural properties for regenerating. If you're looking to relieve stress, you can bathe and sprinkle in some drops of lavender and peppermint essential oils to get the ultimate

6. Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oils are extracted from the petals of roses. Roses are a
sweet, enchanting floral scent that can calm the mind and soothe the body.
A short study in 2011 focused on how self-massage using an assortment of essential oils such as rose oil on anxiety and menstrual pain. It was found that aromatherapy self-massage of the abdomen using the essential oil blend was associated with lower levels of anxiety and pain.
How to use: Soak your feet in a basin that is filled with warm water, and dilute the essential oils of rose. It is also possible to include rose oil in your favorite moisturizer that isn't scented; you can add shea butter and apply it to your skin.

7. Geranium essential oil

The geranium essential oil has the sedative property that helps reduce
anxiousness and stress.
How to use: Put a few drops of geranium essential oil in a cotton ball and gently inhale under your nose a few times.
While research has proven that aromatherapy can assist in relieving stress, there's no substitute for a visit to a medical professional.
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