The Benefits Of Argan Oil To Your Diet

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The Benefits Of Argan Oil To Your Diet

Argan oil has been used for a very long time in North Africa and people there have long enjoyed the many great benefits of including Argan oil in their diet. However, it is only recently that people from other parts of the world are getting to know about the oil and its beneficial effects on the body.  This particular oil is a product of Argan trees, which can only be found in Morocco. These trees are protected by UNESCO and the oil from them is considered very rare. You cannot just buy the oil from any other department store in your area. Naturally, Argan oil is quite pricey due to its rarity. Berber people in Morocco can only produce a liter of the oil after 15 hours of work. The production process takes a lot of time, skilled handwork, and a great amount of Argan fruit just to produce the bottled oil that we see in our areas.

Since the dawn of time, people in North Africa, specifically the Berber people have been including the Argan oil in their diet.  Having seen good benefits to the body, the oil is given to babies and young children. It is known to help digestion and is a good source of vitamin E. Moreover, Argan oil has been used to prevent and cure a number of ailments. The vitamin E in the oil works as a powerful antioxidant that battles free radicals in the body. As we know, these free radicals are the main causes of various kinds of cancer. Including the Argan oil in the diet can help prevent the development of cancer cells. Cell ageing is also caused by free radicals and the oil works to prevent premature aging.

Argan oil can also facilitate weight loss as it helps the body to have better digestion and lower cholesterol levels significantly. The components of the oil help to balance blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes. People in Morocco are really very lucky to have the Argan trees as the oil from the trees provides an amazing supplement to their diets. The oil has been known to improve brain function too. One spoonful of the oil daily can work magic on the body, according to Berber people. In modern times, Argan oil can be included in meals and incorporated in recipes. In fact, various recipes today include the Argan oil as an ingredient from appetizers to desserts.

Argan oil also shows remarkable benefits to hair, skin, and nails. When the oil is included in the diet, it can prevent skin irritations such as allergies and eczema. All it takes is one spoonful or two for the skin to enjoy its benefit. It can also be directly applied to the face, hands, and to other parts of the body. Putting a small portion to the hair and nails will prevent brittleness and applying it to the skin helps prevent dryness and wrinkles.

Argan oil may be rare and expensive but the benefits that it can give the body are certainly worth the money. The effects of the oil to a person’s health and beauty have long been proven by those who have used it.

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