Studying for Exams? Use the Help of Essential Oils! - 3 Best Essential Oils to Use

June 22, 2017 0 Comments

Studying for Exams? Use the Help of Essential Oils! - 3 Best Essential Oils to Use

Did you know that essential oils help boost focus, attention to detail, and memory recall?

Yes, in fact, our sense of smell is automatic and it's respond to scents (whether good or bad) subconsciously. This is how powerful our sense of smell is! Some of us are aware of it's powers, some of us not.

Whether you are aware or not, one of the best way to use our sense of smell is to boost focus, attention to detail, and memory recall. This is so useful when studying for exams, preparing for a speech, etc. Just follow the procedures below. 

How to use essential oils to boost focus, attention to detail, and memory recall:

1. Choose one essential oil per subject to be studied. The best essential oils for this are Lemon, Peppermint, and Rosemary. You can also use other essential oils, but it has to be pleasant. It is also important that the essential oil is used for only one subject.

2. While studying, put a few drops into a diffuser. If you don't have a diffuser, put a few drops in a glass of hot water like below: 


Hot Water Diffuser (Steam)

3. When you're done studying for the subject, take out the diffuser and air the room. 

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 using the chosen essential oil for the next subject, and so on.

5. Just before exam time, put a few drops of the chosen essential oil on a piece of tissue or handkerchief and put in a ziplock. Smell the essential oil before the exam, and during the exam (if possible).

You can use this method of any age (for children, teens, and adults). Do not apply these oils directly on skin, you'll need to dilute properly for skin applications.

Hope this helps and good luck on your exams!

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