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Preventing Health Risks Caused By Dirty AC

December 14, 2021 0 Comments

Preventing Health Risks Caused By Dirty AC

The quality of air that you breathe plays an important role in your health. This includes large areas like the city that you live in and small spaces inside your home. A comfortable home involves good quality air indoors.

Can Dirty Air Conditioners Cause Health Problems?

Aircon can collect high concentrations of dust, mold, and pollen once not well maintained. It can trigger allergies, asthma, and even cause infections. In some cases, people still experience symptoms even if their aircon is clean.

Living near an old and moldy air conditioner can increase your risk of getting a respiratory infection.

Molds have been known to cause symptoms, such as throat irritation, congestion, and wheezing. If you are experiencing these symptoms, this might be the time to check out your surroundings for possible mold.

Unless the air conditioner system is cleaned regularly, it can lead to some health issues. Contaminated air can become a dangerous problem that may damage the respiratory condition of people.

What Can a Dirty AC Filter Cause?

In the US, aircon companies and health organizations are working hand in hand to find ways to address indoor air quality and the problems it can cause. Here are five health problems caused by a dirty AC.


Allergies can be
triggered by various things, such as plants and pollen. A dirty aircon is likely to cause health problems like allergies. Poor air quality in your home means there is a potentially high risk of allergies indoors. One way to improve the quality of air inside your home is to clean your AC unit. It involves cleaning or changing the ac filter, wiping down the unit and the surrounding area, cleaning the ducts and vents. Thorough cleaning of ac will remove many allergies that pass through the AC and spread throughout your house.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is caused by low humidity and a lack of enough moisture in the air. Another reason that can contribute to dry skin is poor indoor air quality. Due to constant exposure
to dry air and too many irritants in the air that land on the skin, it loses moisture.

The skin can filter these irritants off itself through sweat and skin oils. However, this process can make the skin dry, and the irritants in the air
can irritate the skin.


Breathing poor quality air can affect your endurance and stamina. Since the work is doubled to get enough quality air into the body, the more you will start to feel fatigued.

Because of poor indoor air quality, there is more in the air that you breathe than just air. Your body will also tend to struggle harder due to an increase in allergies, stuffy nose, asthma attacks, or other breathing issues. If the body is working harder continuously, the more easily it will get tired.

Airborne Illnesses

A dirty AC system is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Once the bacteria enter the AC system, they will get stuck and build up inside the handler or along the ducts.

Since the handler and pump both contain water in different places, bacteria can multiply quickly.

Noise Pollution

With dirty aircon, you may experience hearing-related issues. It can cause ear strain due to too much noise pollution. This is because the AC system generally is loud that can damage your hearing. As it does not function efficiently, it can be louder as the parts wear down and stop working. Also, the pollutants in the air can destroy the eardrums if constantly exposed. Dirty aircon can even create high-pitched sounds that can damage hearing but are difficult to hear or recognize. Once your AC system starts to emit audible noises, you should have
them checked.
If you are experiencing health problems, especially concerning your respiratory system, you may need a technician to check your AC.

A technician can tell if your AC system needs maintenance and look for clues if it is causing your condition.

What Happens if Your Aircon is Dirty?

A dirty aircon cannot work efficiently, so expect an increase in your monthly energy bill. It is due to the dirt buildup on the AC’s coils which makes it difficult for the
system to absorb and dump heat. This will make your AC run constantly, and its ability to reject heat is highly damaged. The three main causes of high discharge temperatures are high condensing temperature, low evaporator temperature, and high compression ratios.

How to Prevent Air Condition Sickness?

If you feel sick inside an air-conditioned room, it is due to the air filters trapping dirt, bacteria, and possible fungi. If it is not cleaned on time, these airborne
particles will spread into your room instead of being filtered out. So you will
start to feel suffocated and feel like breathing polluted air, resulting in air
conditioning sickness. To prevent this from happening, consider these special
products that can keep the air that you breathe fresh and clean.

Aircon Deep Cleaning and Sanitising

Keep your aircon deep clean and sanitise by our professional aircon engineers using natural products. Air conditioner deep cleaning is essential to keep your family safe from the harmful effects of dust and allergens.
Filters full of dust and dirt can cause moulds and bacteria to multiply and may lead to serious health problems such as asthma, allergy, cough, and many more.

Gelair™ Aircon Cleaner

Gelair™ Aircon Cleaner is the most accessible item to help you stop mold and bacteria from infesting your air conditioner and spreading into your home. Sterilizes. Gelair™ Aircon Cleaner has cleaning power and sterilizes to treat internal surfaces. Kills mold buildup.
Its special formulation attaches to vertical exteriors longer to allow penetration into dirt and mold that buildup on coils and ducts.
Kills room and aircon mold.
Fit for window and
split-type air conditioner.

Using Gelair™ Aircon Cleaner can help keep your family protected from germs, bacteria and prevent diseases caused by dirty air conditioners.

Gelair™ Health-e Split - Tea Tree Oil

Mold, bacteria, and
viruses can spread into your homes through dirty aircon, which can result in various health problems, such as asthma, sore eyes, headaches, runny nose, chronic diseases, and other respiratory conditions. Besides the bad odors coming from molds and bacteria, there are unsightly stains on walls, ceilings, and upholstery.
Gelair™ Health-e SPLIT can stop mold and bacteria thrive in your SPLIT system air conditioner and your room. It is an all-natural 100% Australian tea tree oil that kills mold, bacteria, and viruses. It eliminates odors caused by mold and bacteria,
easy to use, and without maintenance.
This Australian grown and distilled tea tree oil is the main ingredient in all Gelair™ products. It is meticulously tested for quality and is a powerful antimicrobial and antifungal agent that can kill mold, bacteria, and viruses. It can improve
the quality of indoor air by reaching areas such as air conditioning systems


Your health should be a top priority. These products are environmentally friendly and natural to keep the indoor air clean and healthy to prevent the adverse health effects of contaminated air caused by a dirty air conditioner.
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