Natural and economical way to stop mould and condensation hitting your home and health - Hull Live

November 07, 2022 0 Comments

Natural and economical way to stop mould and condensation hitting your home and health - Hull Live

Mould and condensation build are a problem in many homes and most of the popular solutions, such as air purifiers, can be hard on the wallet. But home improvement chain B&Q has a simple solution for just £7.

It has launched the sale of budget-priced peace lily plants, which are ideal for beating mould as their leaves absorb water through the air, The Sun reports. Mould happens when there is a high level of moisture in the air in your home and many thousands of homes across the UK suffer from it.

Bathrooms are the household hotspots for mould because of the moisture in the air after a steamy bath or shower, and the problem is worse if the room has no windows.

And while the patches caused by mould are unsightly, a more serious worry is the way it can affect your health. But choosing the right houseplant can be a simple way to get rid of the household problem.

Peace lily plants are top of the list as they are purifying, They also don't need much sunlight to survive - making them a great choice for bathrooms without windows, and are very hard to kill. But they are harmful to animals, so keep them out of reach of your pets.

Other plants highly rated for removing moisture from the air to prevent mould include the snake plant. They need dusting occasionally as the leaves can gather grime. But they thrive in virtually all light conditions and can survive without too much water.

English ivy is also a good choice and is it is home-grown it is a good budget choice. On top of banishing mould, the plant removes other toxins like formaldehyde and benzene.

English Ivy is among the plants that can help prevent mould

Keep the ivy strong by giving it light conditions and by keeping the soil moist - but not soggy. And be aware it is another plant that is toxic to cats and dogs.

Palms are also a great option for managing humidity in the room as they soak up moisture through their leaves. You can't get a palm too wet but you also can't leave it too dry so an occasional drizzle of water is ideal. They do best in indirect sunlight.

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