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Mustard oil Health Benefits

November 21, 2022 0 Comments

Mustard oil Health Benefits

Dear Readers, Mustard oil is a popular remedy for numerous ailments in Asia, but vegetable oil is still almost unknown here. The valuable oil is not only an effective alternative to antibiotics. You can find out everything about the remedies below.

The spicy-tasting mustard oil is full of health-promoting effects. No wonder it has been an integral part of traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years. You can find out everything you need to know about mustard oil below.

Mustard oil Health Benefits

Mustard oil from the mustard plant

Worth knowing about the oil of the mustard plant

In order to produce mustard oil, the seeds of the mustard plant are pressed in a special process. The healing powers of this vegetable oil are due to the essential mustard oils contained in the grains.

They are also responsible for the typically pungent taste and slightly acrid smell. Mustard oil itself is actually not hot. Since the essential oils are not oil-soluble, pure vegetable oil actually tastes rather bland. It only develops its unique taste when mixed with water.

However, the valuable essential mustard oils are not only found in the seeds of the mustard plant. Horseradish, nasturtium, radishes, and rocket also contain these healthy substances. In nature, plants protect themselves from pests thanks to these essential oils. If their leaves are attacked, for example, they release the essential mustard oils and thus keep insects away.


The health-promoting oil originally comes from Asia, and it only found its way to Europe in the Middle Ages. Until then, the oil of the mustard plant already had a long tradition in traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda. Today, it can look back on more than 3,000 years of use and healing practice from healing massages to the treatment of colds and rheumatism.

Essential Mustard Oils

Since healthy essential mustard oils are found in different types of plants, there are also different “mustard oils”. The oil obtained from nasturtium, horseradish, and mustard plants is considered to be of particularly high quality.

Healthy ingredients of mustard oil

Healthy mustard seed oil is mainly composed of two types of oils fatty and essential oil. The grains of black mustard, for example, contains around 30 percent vegetable oil.

In addition, it is particularly characterized by its many healthy fatty acids. A total of 93 grams of unsaturated fatty acids are in the healthy oil. Most of these are monounsaturated fats, but mustard oil also contains some essential polyunsaturated fats.

The vital omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, for example, ensure a healthy and stable immune system. They are essential in the sense that they cannot be produced by the body itself and must be ingested through food.

Effects of Mustard Oil

The areas of application of this oil is really astonishingly wide-ranging. After all, it is not without reason that healthy oil has been used in Indian medicine for thousands of years. The healthy oil is particularly characterized by its analgesic, antibacterial, and blood circulation-promoting effects. It benefits physical health, skin, hair, and joints.

As a herbal antibiotic

Mustard oil has an amazing number of health-promoting effects, but the antibacterial effect in particular has been part of research and studies for a long time. It is now even being considered a powerful substitute for antibiotics.

Natural oil has many advantages over chemically manufactured drugs. The strong inhibitory effect on certain types of bacteria and viruses can be attributed in particular to the mustard oils from horseradish and nasturtium. But the oil should also be able to fight fungal infections. Used as a foot bath, it reduces particularly unpleasant athlete’s foot, but also nails fungus.

But this oil can do even more; it fights bacteria that are already resistant to antibiotics. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are an increasing problem as they spread quite quickly and are persistent. Therefore, good alternatives with few side effects are absolutely necessary. For example, if it is a mild bacterial infection, it is better to use herbal preparations.

Studies have shown that mustard oil inhibits the growth of around thirteen different types of bacteria. This includes, for example, the influenza A virus H1N1, which attacks the epithelial cells of the lungs, among other things.

This virus could be reduced by 90 percent thanks to the active ingredients contained in mustard oils. Even with a mild bladder infection, this oil is significantly more effective than, for example, cranberry, which is otherwise used for treatment.

Against rheumatism

Another popular application of mustard oil is the accompanying treatment of rheumatism. The healthy oil is said to have been used for this purpose since ancient times. It is particularly beneficial for rheumatism patients because it is anti-inflammatory and at the same time stimulates blood circulation.

For a treatment, put the oil on a warmed – but not too hot – cloth. Then place this on the affected area and preferably also attach it with cling film. The oil can be slightly irritating on the skin, so you can also mix it with some water.

Against bladder infections

Constant urge to urinate and an unpleasant burning sensation – the course of a bladder infection is not only unpleasant. It sometimes even leads to painful situations. Women in particular often suffer chronically from the disease.

Antibiotics are often prescribed to treat bladder infections, but unfortunately, they are no longer effective in all cases. Mustard oil can also combat these strains of bacteria, even if the bacteria are already resistant to antibiotics.

In the case of uncomplicated bladder infections, mustard oil can work wonders. Preparations made from nasturtium and horseradish is now increasingly being offered in pharmacies.

For Cold

Mustard oil helps with colds

Mustard oil can also significantly improve the course of a cold and at the same time support the body during recovery. The healthy oil has a pain-relieving, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

At the same time, it supports the strengthening of the immune system. These effects have also been proven by numerous studies. While the mode of action of many alleged medicinal herbs is often disputed, the evidence for the effectiveness of mustard essential oils is clear.

You can use the oil for severe colds, flu, bronchitis, and tonsillitis. Among other things, it clears the nose and throat of mucus. To get rid of your cold as quickly as possible, you can buy special preparations in pharmacies.

You can also make your own wraps – a chest wrap is a perfect complement to the treatment. To do this, put some mustard oil on a damp and warm cloth and place it on your chest. In this way, you also breathe in the essential oils and clear mucus from your nose and throat. However, this method is not for very sensitive skin.

For the hair

The precious essential mustard oils not only enrich your health. They are also known for their nourishing effect on hair and scalp. Mustard oil promotes hair growth, moisturizes dry hair, and cares for brittle ends.

When the oil is gently massaged into the scalp, impurities and sebum are dissolved from the scalp. In addition, the scalp and hair are moisturized. The hair appears smoother and shinier, and hair follicles are freed from clogs. As a result, the oil gently reduces dandruff and dry scalp.

In addition, mustard oil stimulates circulation and warms. Therefore, it can stimulate the scalp and stimulate the activity of the hair roots. The hair that grows back is stronger and breaks less often.

Mustard oil for beautiful and supple hair

You can use mustard oil for a dry scalp, or brittle and damaged hair and promote growth. For optimal use, you should warm up the oil briefly before use. You can do this, for example, by placing the bottle in a pot filled with water.

Heat this on the stovetop, but don’t let the water boil. Then massage the slightly cooled oil into the hair and scalp. Then wrap it in cling film and leave the oil on for at least 15 minutes before washing it off with a mild shampoo.

For homemade effective hair treatment, you can mix mustard oil with egg yolk and apple cider vinegar. This combination is extremely effective against dandruff and dry hair.

For the skin

Some caution is required when applying mustard oil to the skin. When used and tolerated correctly, the oil can ensure beautiful and supple skin. In addition, the remedy should be able to fight cellulite.

Among other things, mustard oil can reduce skin impurities such as pimples, blackheads, or milia. Your skin benefits above all from its circulation-enhancing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Many women know the small unsightly dents on the thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is completely normal and harmless, but many wish that the small dents would disappear.

Mustard oil warms the skin and stimulates blood circulation. The essential mustard oils ensure that waste products are removed. And it is precisely these substances that cause the small dents in the skin.

Effects of Mustard Oil

The healthy vegetable oil is usually very well tolerated and has almost no side effects. Nevertheless, you should consider a few things before buying and using it.

Itching and redness

If you use mustard oil as a wrap or for other personal hygiene purposes, your skin can become slightly red, warm, and tingly. These side effects are harmless and perfectly normal. However, if the tingling turns into an uncomfortable itch and patches of skin even swell, you should remove the wraps immediately and wash your skin.

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