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Melissa Gorga's Daughter Gets Flak For Her 'Natural' Skin Tone

October 18, 2022 0 Comments

Melissa Gorga's Daughter Gets Flak For Her 'Natural' Skin Tone

Antonia Gorga dropped several snaps of herself on social media that didn’t please social media users!

The 17-year-old daughter of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Joe and Melissa Gorga took to Instagram to share three selfies. Users of the app noticed that her skin looked darker than before. Hence, they criticized Antonia for it, prompting her to speak up.

Showing Off Her OOTD

The teen rocked a light yellow dress made of ribbed fabric. It had long sleeves and a low neckline that gave a hint of her décolletage. The piece had a skin-tight fit that hugged her body like a glove — emphasizing her curves. In addition, the garment appeared to have a long length, providing ample coverage for her lower half.

Taking More Selfies

Antonia snapped the images herself as she stood in front of a mirror inside the bathroom with a white interior and black accents. She used the back camera of her phone, which she angled above her shoulder. Despite facing the looking glass, the stunner gazed to the side as she snapped the picture.

The next slide showed Antonia pouting while looking at herself through the mirror. In the last shot, she checked her pose by gazing at her mobile device’s screen.

Antonia wore her black tresses down in a center part as she let the wavy strands fall over her shoulders. In terms of accessories, she opted for layers of gold necklaces. The TV personality also enhanced her features with a full glam look, including defined brows, brown eyeshadow, dark eyeliner, and several coats of black mascara. She also added a hint of pink blush on her cheeks, highlighter on some areas of her face, and finished it all off with nude lipstick.

Accused Of Altering Her Skin Tone

While Antonia definitely looked gorgeous, social media users were not pleased with her current appearance. They think she looked “too dark” or “blackfishing.”

The term is used when someone who is not of Black culture tries to tan themselves or change their appearance with makeup, cosmetic surgery, or digital editing to appear darker.

“Whoa the skin is not a vibe,” one commented.

“Skin color is way off. Too much of the spray tan or something,” noted another user.

“You willing to take what women who were actually born with that skin color take? Good luck girl, you about to get your eyes opened,” added the third one.

Antonia Gorga Speaks Up

Antonio, who saw the hate comments, defended herself, writing, “this is my natural color of my skin…please.”

Some fans showed their support for Antonia.

“Your gorgeous! Just like your mama. Pay no mind to negative comments. Its just jealousy honey That’s the price to pay for being beautiful. Remember sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me 🔥” wrote a supporter.

“So sorry you even have to clarify this! You are so so beautiful and don’t need to explain anything to anyone,” added another follower.

More Hate Comments

Meanwhile, others didn’t believe her.

“Your hand says otherwise,” remarked a troll.

“Why doesn’t your hand match?” echoed a different Instagrammer.

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