The COSMOS Standard - Organic Certification for Cosmetic Products

February 13, 2019 0 Comments

The COSMOS Standard - HoPE Presentation

The terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ aren’t just for food anymore. The use of natural and organic ingredients for cosmetic products have been continuously rising and a lot of cosmetic companies add the terms 'natural' and 'organic' to their product labels. But how do we know if these products are what they say they are? And how do we know how much of these products are organic and natural?
How to Read Labels - Certified Organic
HoPE’s Co-founder and Director, Mr. Richard Klitsie says that consumers can guarantee that the beauty products we are buying are organic or natural if it bears a certification logo in their label. With this certification logo, you can be sure that the product you choose has gone through a diligent process to be given the green tick of approval. There are a number of Certifying Bodies who provide organic certification but not all are recognized internationally.

COSMOS is the most widely used organic and natural cosmetics standard globally. HoPE worked hard to ensure that our products are COSMOS Certified and here’s why.
COSMOS Certified Logos

What is COSMOS?

COSMOS is a European standard which ensures that ingredients are sourced from organic farming, and no synthetic chemicals have been used to farm these ingredients.

It was developed by five charter members and governing bodies for Organic Certification in Europe
  • BDIH (Germany)
  • Cosmebio (France)
  • Ecocert (France)
  • ICEA (Italy)
  • Soil Association (UK)

The COSMOS regulations surrounding truly organic cosmetics are very strict. Under this standard, companies are assessed based on the origin and processing of ingredients, composition of the product, storage, manufacturing and packaging, and the environment. For a product to be labelled as fully organic under the COSMOS standard, at least 95% of all ingredients must be from certified organic sources.

What are the Benefits of COSMOS Certification?

COSMOS is created over many years of careful development to represent the best that can be achieved for consumers, and for the environment. These Standards are set so that consumers can have a place to look for when they want to find out about organic or natural cosmetics that they can trust. Customers also get clear information on the labels, with transparent declaration of organic percentages.

Mr. Klitsie at the Hong Kong LOHAS Expo 2019

Mr. Richard Klitsie has been invited to the Hong Kong LOHAS Expo 2019 to talk about COSMOS-standard. Here, he’ll explain in detail how business owners, manufacturers and consumers benefit from getting a beauty product COSMOS-certified.
Hong Kong LOHAS Expo 2019 will be held on February 22-24, 2019
at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Registration to become a
Visitor is free. Click below to register.
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