How Can You Treat Minor Wounds, Bumps and Grazes: First Aid Tips

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How Can You Treat Minor Wounds, Bumps and Grazes: First Aid Tips

If you have kids, then you will know how clumsy they can be. You will also know how hard it can be for you to stop them from getting into trouble all the time, and this is completely normal. Every parent goes through a phase like this, but if you want a solution then there are one or two things that you can do to make tears a thing of the past.
Treat Minor Wounds, Bumps and Grazes

Wounds and Cut Essential Oil Treatment

One of the best ways for you to treat a minor wound or a cut, is to use the wound and cut treatment that are available in our online store. A lot of people underestimate the power of natural products, and the truth is that the natural way is always the best! You just need to follow the instructions when you want to treat the wound using essential oils, the wound will be disinfected, and your child is ready to be back outside again.

Essential oils are very useful in treating wounds and help remove scars of the wound. To improve the scar condition, you may use rosehip seed oil. This oil can cure post-surgical scars, treat scars, wrinkles, and even acne.
Before you get to this stage however, a few other things need to come first, such as:

Cleaning the Cut

In any situation, the first thing that you should do is make sure that you clean the cut. Wash your own hands with soap and water, then rinse the cut if possible, with some cool water. You don’t want the water to be too warm here, because it can easily cause the wound to open even more and it may even encourage the wound to bleed as well.

Stopping the Bleeding

If the wound is bleeding, then this can be a good thing. After all, blood can help to clean the wound and if you have a very small cut or wound then there is a high chance that this will stop on its own. If you have a cut on your head then this will bleed more, because you do have a lot of blood vessels around this area. If you do want to try and stop the bleeding so that you can use the essential oil above then simply apply a good, but firm amount of pressure by using a gauze pad or even a clean cloth. You then need to keep this pressure on. If you lift the cloth, or the gauze during this point then this will cause it to start bleeding again so don’t do it until you know it’s been long enough.

When to Call the Doctor

You must call the doctor if the wound is deep and it is on your face, or if the cut is deep. If you can see fat or muscle, then this is a clear sign that you may need stitches. If there is something stuck in the wound, then you may need to contact your doctor about this as well. Of course, if it is just a simple cut that just needs a bit of TLC then the wound care kit listed above is one of the best options. It won’t sting and it is great at keeping the cut nice and clean until you can find a bandage or anything else similar. Another benefit of using the oil is that it will help to stop any nasty infections from coming on and the kids will love the nice smell of it as well.
You can even give it a name, such as the healing lotion! This way you can help to calm them down faster the next time something like this happens.
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