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Cloches & Collections - Cloches & Lavender

October 18, 2022 0 Comments

Cloches & Collections - Cloches & Lavender

Happy Sunday! I hope it’s beautiful where you are today.

Sit and have a cup of coffee and chat with me.

Yesterday morning we must have had brown-headed cowbirds on our lawn. There must have been 1,000s.

Yes, 1,000s.

I’m telling you I was freaking out

It looked like the movie The Birds.

They were flying around and hopping all over the place. That scene in the movie freaks me out

So in real life, I’m like what’s happening here? It’s the movie The Birds in our yard again.

Yes, again this has happened before.

We are having a gorgeous fall weekend and finally got our front porch decorated for the fall season.

I can’t wait to share it with you so look out for the post.

Are you team mums? We aren’t because our sun gets little sun.

Plus, in our area of NJ, we can get a frost at a moment’s notice and the mums die.

As a matter of fact, tonight there’s a big chance it will frost. So, I’m so happy years ago we decided to use ornamental Kale.

And are you ready for Amazon this week? I sure am, excited!

On the Blog This Week

What Did I Share This Week on Cloches & Lavender?

Do you enjoy an easy fast dessert? I love to bake but when things are very hectic fast baking works best.

So I shared and it’s filled with a bit of spice and the combination with the cranberry adds sweetness and a bit of tartness.

And if you love pumpkins? Of course, you love pumpkins I have never met anyone that doesn’t love pumpkins.

Have you?

This is also perfect and will look so pretty for Thanksgiving. Yes, Thanksgiving it’s the time when I begin planning my menu, table and desserts.

Thanksgiving is my favorite food holiday hands down. How about you? These are so easy and perfect to make for your table.

Now for my favorite part, what inspired me and made me happy on the web

First is Jennifer’s porch and potting table from .

Then there’s my friend CoCo who’s always inspiring me with her home and writing. CoCo from also loves her family and they are very close and I adore it!

Even going through a hurricane she finds good in the little moments.

Then there is Rachel from who is always creating something amazing. Look at this table runner!

Finally don’t miss these early deals on Amazon!!!

This comes in different sizes

Another pretty tree skirt in and another pretty basket tree collar with

Two for the road. Another perfect for Christmas and a

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