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A Quick Guide to Essential Oils

September 10, 2017 0 Comments

Hope - A quick guide to essential oils

Essential oils are organic compounds and they are extracted from plants and sometimes even fruits. Cultures across the world have used essential oils for well over 5,000 years now, and they can be used for beauty care, relaxation and even natural medicine. If you want to see some of the benefits you could take advantage of when you use essential oils,  then take a look below.

  • Fight The Common Cold
  • Relax Sore and Aching Muscles
  • Reduce Wrinkles
  • Stabilise Hormones
  • Reduce Pain
  • Heal Skin Conditions
  • Improve Digestion

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extracted from the bark or even the flower, fruit or leaf of a tree or plant. One drop can give you some very powerful health benefits and when the product is extracted it is then distilled. This helps to separate the water from the oil via steam, so the oils that you do have are very concentrated, as this also helps to amplify the healing benefits.

A Brief History of Aromatherapy

Essential oils have been used by numerous dynasties, including the Egyptians, the Greeks and even the Romans and Chinese. In the year 1928, a chemist named René-Maurice Gattefossé applied some lavender oil to his burnt hand to see if it would soothe any blistering. He then looked into the properties that lavender oil had to offer and this started off the practice of aromatherapy.

Essential Oils In Hospitals

Aromatherapy is also used in hospitals, with some of the most common treatments being to help with anxiety, depression and sometimes even infections. In fact, a study showed in 2009 that those patients who used lavender oil before they went into surgery were significantly less nervous about having the surgery done when compared to those who did not take lavender oil at all.

So now you know a brief history of essential oils, it’s time to move on to the benefits of certain oils and what they can do for you.

Pink Grapefruit

Useful for muscle fatigue and weakness, cellulite, obesity, migraine headaches, fluid retention, exhaustion, stress, and depression.


Peppermint oil can improve and clear the respiratory tract, while also boosting concentration and mental focus.


Orange oil can ease anxiety, hypertension and it can also help with depression as well.

Eucalyptus Radiata

Eucalyptus Radiata oil helps to purify the body. It can help with everyday aches and it can also help babies to soothe and calm down as well.


Lemon oil cleanses the body and it is also very effective at improving drainage in the lymph nodes and other parts of the body.


Lavender helps to reduce emotional stress and it is also great for healing burns and wounds.


Geranium balances your hormones and it also improves the health of your teeth. Another benefit is that it can reduce blood pressure.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil is fantastic at treating athletes foot and any other fungal infections. It also works against acne, lice and even scabies.


Rosemary is known for enhancing memory, and also useful for muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, arthritis, muscular weakness, headache, migraine, gastric upset, fluid retention, edema, cellulite, acne, pimples, boils, dandruff, hair loss.


Essential Oil Applications

You can take essential oils in a number of ways. You can take them topically, and this means that they can be applied to the skin and absorbed then into the blood stream. If you are doing this then you will need to dilute in carrier oil first. You can also take them aromatically, and there is a lot of strong evidence to show that they can offer you a huge range of benefits when they are inhaled. This is because the oil can be absorbed into the lungs and then circulated around the body.

If you wanted, you can use a diffuser and if you were to add lavender to this, then this would help you to reduce stress and it can also help you to improve your mood. Peppermint is great if you need to have more energy throughout the day and you would be surprised at how effective they can be.

If you are interested in finding out more about essential oils or what they can do, the best way is for you to take a look through our site. We have plenty of oils available and they all have a very high level of concentration, so you can feel the benefits starting today. You can also contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to find out more about what we can do for you.


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