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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Lemon Oil - Potentash

October 06, 2022 0 Comments

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Lemon Oil - Potentash

Lemon oil, unlike most essential oils, is extracted from the skin of fresh lemons. The oil carries some of the properties of the original fruit, and it is the main ingredient in different skin and aromatherapy products. Lemon oil can be diffused into the air and inhaled, or you can dilute it and apply it to your skin. It contains anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and antioxidant properties that work to keep your body healthy. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using lemon oil. 

1. Soothes Flu Symptoms  

Like the fruit, lemon oil is a good home remedy for symptoms of flu-like sore throat and stuffy nose. If you are struggling with congestion, set up a diffuser with lemon oil and set it in the room, you are in. You can also put a few drops of the oil on your pillow and bed sheets before bed to help you breathe better.   

Lemon oil’s properties come in handy if you struggle with infections like athlete’s foot, ringworm and yeast infections.   Health: Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot

3. Reduces feeling of Nausea  

Lemon oil is an excellent remedy to try when dealing with nausea caused either by too much drinking, pregnancy or stomach flu.  Home Remedies: Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Nausea

4. It Calms the Mind and Relaxes the body 

Lemon oil is known for its aromatherapy properties. Massaging your body with oil can help to relieve tension in the muscles and help you relax. Diffusing the oil can help lift your mood in case you feel low. Inhaling lemon oil increases norepinephrine levels, a brain chemical that plays a role in a person’s mood. Having just the right level of norepinephrine will have you feeling calm and happy.   

5. It Treats and Prevents Acne Breakouts  

The antibacterial properties in the lemon oil help to kill bacteria that causes breakouts. It also acts as an exfoliator which leaves your skin feeling smooth and, with time, clear from breakouts. The best part about using the oil on acne-prone skin is that you don’t have to worry about post-acne scars. The oil also contains healing properties that leave your skin blemish free.  Beauty: How To Take Care Of Acne Prone Skin

6. Good for the Hair  

Lemon oil works as a tonic that helps your hair to grow strong and healthy. The oil deals with dandruff and leaves your hair shiny and less greasy. Additionally, it balances oil production on the scalp, meaning you don’t have to worry about clogged pores.  

7. Helps to Maintain Concentration 

Aside from lemon oil boosting your mood, it also helps to maintain your concentration levels and improve your decision-making skills. Add some water to a diffuser and a few drops of the oil and set it in the room you wish to use for your work. You can also mix drops of oil and water in a spray bottle and spray the mixture around the room.   

8. Promotes Wound Healing  

Lemon oil contains anti-microbial properties that help wounds heal faster. Make sure you dilute the oil with water or any carrier oil that works well topically. This will help to prevent your skin from burning.   

How to Use Lemon Oil  

Lemon oil is an essential oil, which means you have to dilute it with water or a carrier oil like olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. The oil has a strong scent, so it is important to remember to use a few drops of oil; about three or four should be enough when using a diffuser. If you choose to mix it with a carrier oil, use about two or three drops. Always ensure that whatever you use as a base is more than the oil.  

You can use lemon oil   

Safety and Side Effects 

Like any other essential oil, lemon oil should never be ingested as it can cause issues to your digestive system. To be safe, you should also do a patch test before using the oil on your skin. If you experience any itching or swelling, stop using the oil immediately. Additionally, lemon oil can make your skin more to the sun, so it is best to use it in the evening instead of during the day.   

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