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Cade Wood essential oil

January 16, 2021 0 Comments


Juniperus oxycedrus

Botanical Properties
Cade is a shrub of 1 to 2m in the Cupressaceae family.
Also called cade juniper or prickly juniper, it grows in the arid and rocky soils of the Mediterranean maquis or garrigue shrublands.
Its bark is grey or reddish and its needles, with a sharp fine tip, have a double white band, distinguishing them from the common juniper (a single band).
The cones of the female shrubs develop into red-brown berries.

Origin and history

Cade essential oil should not be confused with the Cade oil used since Antiquity, it is obtained through pyrolysis of Cade wood.

Cade oil has healing, antiseptic and disinfectant powers but is only used in cosmetics in care products and shampoos, in veterinary medicine and in the phytosanitary field.

In Provence, it is still possible to spot ovens in the middle of the fields, remnants from the time when Cade wood was burnt and the oil recovered on the spot.
In the Middle Ages, Cade wood powder was used as an incense to ward off the plague or cholera.

Cade juniper berries enter into the composition of some drinks, like gin for example.

Organoleptic properties

Appearance: clear liquid
Colour: pale yellow
Odour: woody

Distilled parts: Bark

Country of origin: Madagascar

Density: 0,94


Main biochemical constituents or chemotype: Delta-cadinene
Allergenic compounds naturally present in this essential oil: --
Some natural compounds contained in this essential oil may present a risk of allergy for some people. To check your tolerance, always perform an application test in the crease of the elbow before using your blends.


Cade Organic essential oil has anti-parasitic, antiseptic and de-worming properties


Cade Organic essential oil is only used externally and in cosmetic care.
It can be used to treat dermatitis, mange, pediculosis.

In shampoo, it acts against dandruff and greasy hair.
Finally, in veterinary medicine on cats, dogs and horses, Cade Organic essential oil wards off parasitic insects


For local use only,
To treat dermatitis, rub the area to be treated with a blend of Cade Organic essential oil + vegetable oil.

For greasy hair with dandruff, 2 to 3 drops in the shampoo.

Energetic values and synergies

Dandruff: Bois de rose, Atlas cedar


Flammable. Oral administration on medical advice. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Not recommended for children under 3 years or pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not apply to the skin before sun exposure. Food usage possible. Do not use pure on the skin.


The data given on essential oils on this website is for information only. In no way does it replace the advice given by a doctor. For all therapeutic uses, or if you wish to obtain more information on essential oils, please consult a doctor.

Organic Cade Wood Essential oil here.