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About Us

January 24, 2018 0 Comments

The Best Organic Essential Oils, Beauty Oils, & Carrier Oils for Health, Beauty, and Wellness
For natural and chemical-free living.
The best 100% organic essential oils, beauty oils, and carrier oils in the market.
Enabling a lifestyle of health and sustainability.
Bringing the best nature has to offer,
working with it and not against it.
Our Vision

Create a world where people respect and give back to nature. Working with nature to harvest its healing powers while taking care of it.
Our Mission

Bring the best nature has to offer.

To enable lifestyle of health and sustainability with the use of organic and natural products.

Educate consumers on the right way to use organic and natural products, safely and effectively, for beauty, home, health, and wellness.
Our Values

Work with nature, not against it.

Ethical sourcing keeping in mind the environment and our farmers.

Insist on highest standards.

Love what you do, everything else will follow.

Simplify. Create more with less.

Leadership by example.

Respect others. Earn trust of others.

Never stop learning.

Be humble.

Do things right the first time.
Meet our Founders
Richard Klitsie
Serial Entrepreneur
Avid user of aromatherapy products.
Dedicated organic farmer.

Became a fan of aromatherapy when common ailments like
colds and sores were quickly gone vs. using preparations from pharmacies.
Member of Business Network International (BNI), Hong
Kong, Creation Chapter since 2015.

Solid background in business development and worked
with Agfa, GE, and Siemens Healthcare Business. Headed the Total Quality Forum in Hong Kong.

Richard's hobby is organic farming! He goes to Kam Tin in the New Territories of Hong Kong every weekend to grow organic vegetables for his family. He has been interviewed by the South China Morning Post regarding organic farming in Hong Kong. See the article here.
Contact Richard
Elma Pena
Global Scent Designer
Passionate in the pursuit of lifestyle of health and

Previously worked in fragrance houses, FMCG, and designed scents for brands like Times Square HK, Ocean Park, Mission Hills, Swire Properties, etc.

As a mom of two, uses organic and natural products for her and her family, and the go-to person of family, friends, and even business associates when it comes to LOHAS. This inspired her to start House of Pure Essence (HoPE). She shares her knowledge through HOPE’s blog, live events, and workshops.

Elma is a dedicated student of Iyengar Yoga. She also loves to cook and even uses essential oils for cooking! She has also healed her discoid eczema (with no steroids) with lifestyle changes and the use of organic rosehip, argan, and essential oils.
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