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100% Organic Rhododendron (Rhododendron anthopogon) Essential Oil, 5mL

Rhododendron organic essential oil, 5 ml

Rhododendron Organic essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties close to those of the conifers.

It is refreshing and comforting at the psychic level.

This essential oil is strengthening, both physically and psychically. Rhododendron essential oil, through its "cortisone-like" and immunostimulant action, treats rheumatic disorders, influenza-like conditions, muscular strain, back pain.

At the psychic level, it is your friend when you need to "recharge the batteries", during periods of exhaustion or convalescence.


Rhododendron Organic essential oil acts against rheumatism, in a bath for example, 10 drops in a handful of sea salt scattered in the water to alleviate pain.

By diffusion or in massage, diluted, on the solar plexus and the inside of the wrists, for relaxation.


Rhododendron anthopogon

Origin: Népal, Maroc

Capacity: 5 mL