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100% Organic Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) Essential Oil, 5 mL

Organic coriander essential oil, 5 mL

Organic coriander essential oil is an excellent digestion stimulator and general tonic. It alleviates stomach aches, rheumatisms, and general joint pain with impressive effectiveness when diluted in a plant oil and applied to the skin. It can also be easily used in the kitchen, and produces delicious flavours: just a few drops will be enough to enhance the flavour of many dishes.


Please consult a doctor before taking any treatment or therapy orally. Oral administration: Take 1 drop of organic coriander essential oil twice a day, with a little honey or on a lozenge under the tongue. Take with a meal if you are suffering from poor digestion. On the skin: Mix 35 drops of organic coriander essential oil with 30ml of organic hazelnut essential oil. Use this blend to massage the lower belly in the case of digestive problems.


Coriandrum sativum * * Issu de l'agriculture Biologique.

Origin: Egypte

Capacity: 5 mL