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100% Organic Cajeput (Melaleuca leucadendron) Essential Oil, 10 mL

Organic cajeput essential oil, 10 mL

This oil can help cool the body, all whilst soothing pain. Our organic cajeput essential oil will alleviate fever-coupled infections, respiratory system problems, sinusitis, bronchitis, fevers, muscular aches, and rheumatisms. Its high levels of oxides and monoterpenes (1-8 cineole, limonene) gives this essential oil its antiviral properties. It also promotes digestion.


Please consult your doctor before taking any treatment or therapy orally. Oral administration: Take 2 drops a day of organic cajeput essential oil, with a little honey or on a lozenge under the tongue, to fend off respiratory or otorhinolaryngological infections. On the skin: Mix 2 drops of cajeput essential oil with 2 drops of organic hazelnut oil, apply around the neck and on the chest to fight the flu or bronchitis. By diffusion: This oil will emit a fruity smell, quite similar to eucalyptus; this will disinfect your rooms and ward off chronic respiratory afflictions


Melaleuca leucadendron * * Issu de l'agriculture Biologique.

Origin: Vietnam

Capacity: 10 mL

VAT: 5,5%