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Double Head Aroma Diffuser

Special Offer: We provide two bottles of Aroma oils FREE OF CHARGE.

The double-head aroma diffuser combines all the ideal functions in one. The main feature is that it can be used without adding water, which is different from traditional aromatherapy machines, which can eliminate the need for every water change procedure and save trouble.

Coupled with a double-headed design, you can enjoy the fragrance at the touch of a button. According to different scenes, the scent can be switched at any time, which can also prevent olfactory fatigue.

Usage: No need to add water, directly put the essential oil bottle in the double-headed diffuser

Features: safe, silent, easy to carry, no cleaning, multi-function setting of use time, interval time setting, aluminum alloy shell and anti-corrosion material, durable.

Applicable to: offices, rooms, travel, vehicles, places with poor air circulation, etc.

Details: Double-headed design, waterless diffuser, atmosphere light design, TYPE-C interface


Product details (6 major functions):

Double head design:

You can switch the nozzles according to different time/mood/atmosphere/scenarios, etc., which will help you feel relaxed and happy.


Scenario 1:

Aromatherapy helps the elderly with dementia to distinguish between day and night

(Left head) Refreshing after getting up in the morning.

(Right head) Relax your nerves after taking a shower at night.


Scenario 2:

Family/ Roommates Use (left)

boyfriend's taste (right) girlfriend's taste


Waterless diffuser design:

Since the essential oil bottle is directly placed in the double-headed diffuser, there is no need to add water in the process, which can save the trouble of long-term water change. Want to smell delicious anytime, anywhere, just press a button!

Atmosphere light design:

The colour of the atmosphere lamp is mainly soft orange. There are three intensity atmosphere lights, and the intensity of the atmosphere lights can be enhanced by pressing the key each time.

Strong endurance:

Turn off the atmosphere light and use it to spray for 5 seconds and stop for 180 seconds. The usable time can be as long as 250 hours.

It only takes about 6.5 hours to go from completely uncharged to fully charged.


"T" multi-function setting usage time:

ON: Long open

1H: Use 1 hour

2H: Use 2 hours

4H: 4 hours of use

8H: Use 8 hours


"S" interval time setting:

“.” Spray for 5 seconds, stop for 180 seconds

“. . “  Spray for 10 seconds, stop for 120 seconds

“. . .”  Spray for 30 seconds, stop for 90 seconds

“. . . .”  Spray for 60 seconds, stop for 60 seconds

“. . . . .”  Spray 60 seconds, stop 30 seconds

Product comparison


HoPE rechargeable dual-head essential oil aroma diffuser

Traditional atomization aromatherapy machine


Put the essential oil bottle to use

Essential oil + water

Essential oil consumption



Fragrance time






Cleaning method

Wipe the spout with alcohol occasionally. After the essential oil is used up, you can directly replace the essential oil bottle or clean the essential oil bottle with alcohol

The water tank of the aroma diffuser needs to be cleaned every time


Easy to place in any corner

Size: 14.4*6.4*12.3cm

Generally larger

Electricity usage


Need to be plugged in