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100% Organic Peppermint Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Dives) Essential Oil

Organic Peppermint eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus dives is also called peppermint eucalyptus for its fresh, minty, penetrating scent. Many people find the aroma soft and inviting. Eucalyptus dives can be used like other eucalyptus oils—for the breath—but it creates these benefits differently. Instead of containing high percentages of “1,8-cineole” (prominent in other eucalyptus oils), Eucalyptus dives is rich in “a-phellandrene,” giving it an extra affinity for muscles and the throat. Our certified organic Eucalyptus dives essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of wild trees in the South African and Australian landscapes.

Origin: Australia

Capacity: 10 mL