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100% Organic Lavandin (Lavandula burnatii) Essential Oil

100% Organic Lavandin Super

Organic lavandin super essential oil is very similar to its parent, English lavender. It is a:

  • antibacterial, antiviral
  • powerful antispasmodic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • nervous system regulator
  • sleep inducer
  • muscle relaxant
  • cardio-tonic

 Organic lavandin super essential oil is a great cardiovascular tonic. It helps treat hypertension and palpitations. Lavandin promotes restful sleep and reduces nervousness and anxiety. It is also an effective treatment for winter colds, circulatory problems, wounds, injuries and skin diseases. Lavandin is widely used by sportspeople because it reduces muscle tension and cramps.


Please consult a doctor before taking any treatment or therapy orally.
Oral administration: 3 drops of organic lavandin super essential oil, three times a day, with a little honey and syrup, or on a lozenge for stress relief.
On the skin: 5 drops of organic lavandin super essential oil + 5 ml of organic sweet almond oil for treating cramp.
By diffusion: When diffused in the atmosphere, lavandin super essential oil will leave a pleasant scent in your rooms, creating a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for relieving stress and encouraging restful sleep.
Cramp: Wintergreen


Lavandula burnati * * Issu de l'agriculture Biologique.

Origin: France

Capacity: 10, 30 mL