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Testimonials - Gelair Health-e SPLIT



Video testimonial by Bessie Ho - a very happy Gelair user - on how it helped with blackmould in her grandfather's house where her mom stayed. Her mom tried bleach and vinegar but didn't work. Lastly, she tried Gelair Health-e Split and has experienced immediate effect!. Click here (links to our YouTube channel)

Video testimonial by Feng Shui Master Susanne Schutz of Suzhong Consulting - her experience in using Gelair Health-e Split and why she recommends it to all her clients. Click here (links to our YouTube channel)


"Before I used Gelair Health-e SPLIT, my ceiling and walls have a lot of molds - we have to clean our walls and ceiling every month during the humid months! After using Gelair Health-e SPLIT, the molds didn't come back. My son breath can breathe better. Friends that come over asked if we did anything as our apartment feels fresh and comfortable, but no one can smell the tea tree oil. I'm very happy with the results, and my friends also purchased Gelair Health-e SPLIT." - Victor C., Tuen Mun

"My place has a musty smell, and we tried everything to get rid of it and no matter what we do, we never got rid of the smell. I even got one of those expensive air purifiers. A friend recommended Gelair Health-e SPLIT as he thinks it might be from our aircons. After we put Gelair Health-e SPLIT in all our airconditioners, the smell of tea tree oil was quite strong, but after a few days, we don't smell it anymore, and also the musty smell is gone! The Health-e Split worked for about two months before I had to replace it. The best part - my family felt better! No more sneezes in the mornings!" - Grace M., Mid-Levels

"At first, I didn't like the Health-e Split as I don't like the smell of tea tree oil. But the smell is only for a few days. After that I hardly smell the tea tree oil anymore but I can feel that the air is better." - Tony, Wan Chai

"My office is in an old building, and I receive a lot of clients in my office. They are very surprised that the atmosphere in the office is so different than the outside hallway. A lot of people asked what I'm doing - they thought I have one of those expensive air purifiers. I told them I have Gelair Health-e SPLIT." - Tina., Sheung Wan

"Imagine you have this musky old house smell in your apartment everytime you switch on the airconditioner. This is what happened to me. I had it washed and it was good for a few weeks and then the bad odour returned. Really annoying.

When Richard introduced his tea tree oil based product to me, I thought okay let's give it a shot.

I put it into the aircon and within 2 days, the airconseemed to product colder air than before - which I attribute to the fact that mold was killed and air can freely flow through the unit.

And the odor is completely gone.

I recommend this product."- Mark B.