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Petitgrain Essential Oil




“Petit grain” designates the essential oil obtained from the leaves and twigs of trees of the genus Citrus. The petit grain sour orange comes from the bitter orange or sour orange, an evergreen tree of the Rutaceae family measuring up to 5 m in height. Its sweetly scented white flowers bloom in spring. The distillation of bitter orange blossoms yields neroli essential oil.

Origin and history

The bitter orange tree originates from China where it has been used for centuries in traditional medicine (heart and digestive disorders). It has become acclimatized to the Mediterranean regions, and today its culture is found as far away as Paraguay. The culinary use of bitter orange is just as widespread as in perfumery and aromatherapy. Delicious jams are made with this fruit, candied bark, it is used in the composition of many desserts, flavored wines and liqueurs.

Organoleptic properties

Appearance: liquid

Color: pale yellow

Smell: fresh, sweet, orange blossom

Distilled parts: Leaves and twigs

Country of production: Paraguay

Density: 0.878-0.875

Chemotype / composition

Main biochemical constituents or chemotype: linalyl acetate, linalool.

Allergenic molecules naturally present in this essential oil: Citral, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.

Certain natural compounds contained in this essential oil may pose an allergy risk in some people. To measure your tolerance, always do a test application in the crease of the elbow before using in your mixtures.


Organic bitter orange petitgrain essential oil is:

  • Anxiolytic
  • Anti stress
  • Calming
  • purifying
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antibacterial
  • Antispasmodic
  • Skin regenerator
  • Relaxing and sedative
  • Antidepressant
  • Antimycotic


Organic bitter orange petitgrain essential oil is indicated for insomnia, mental fatigue, stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, nervousness, hypertension, acne, fungal infections, stomach pain, spasmodic coughs.

Modes of use

Consult a physician before any therapeutic use or oral treatment.

Oral route:

2 drops of organic bitter orange petitgrain essential oil, twice a day with a little honey, syrup or on a lozenge, for palpitations and arrhythmia.

On the skin :

2 drops of organic bitter orange petitgrain essential oil, for insomnia, massage into the solar plexus and the palms of the wrists, before going to bed.

On broadcast:

Used in atmospheric diffusion, the essential oil of bitter orange petitgrain fights insomnia, soothes anger and mental agitation.

possible synergy

Synergy: Mandarin, mint

Energy value and synergy

In energetic aromatherapy, bitter orange petitgrain essential oil is associated with the navel chakra “Svadhisthana”. Its color is orange.

The bitter orange petitgrain essential oil activates Svadhisthana, it effectively evacuates stress, dissipates nervousness and stage fright, restores psycho-emotional balance.

Synergy: Roman chamomile, frankincense

Precaution for use

Flammable. Oral use on medical advice. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Not recommended for children under 3 and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not apply to the skin before sun exposure. Food use possible. Do not use pure on the skin.


The information given on essential oils through this website is provided for informational purposes. They can in no way replace the advice given by a doctor. For any therapeutic use or if you would like more information about essential oils, please consult a physician.