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Mandarin essential oil


Mandarin essential oil

Citrus reticulata


Mandarin is a citrus fruit, fruit of the mandarin tree, belonging to the Rutaceae family. The mandarin tree is a tree with dark green, glossy evergreen leaves. Its white flowers have such a characteristic fragrance, intoxicating and delicate. The bright orange fruit is about 5-10cm in diameter.

Origin and history

Originally from China, the mandarin owes its name to the officials of the Old Chinese Empire, the mandarins, to whom these delicious fruits were offered as gifts. Appreciated as a "fruit dessert" on our tables, the mandarin is also cultivated for its rind, part with which we extract the essential oil. Its bark is also a very popular ingredient for liquor makers.

Organoleptic properties

Appearance: liquid

Color: orange or yellow

Odor: floral, sweet

Distilled parts: Cold expression of the pericarp (peel, zest) of the fruit

Country of production: Italy

Density: 0.842 - 0.858

Chemotype / composition

Main biochemical constituents or chemotype: Limonene, gamma-terpinene.

Allergenic molecules naturally present in this essential oil: Citral, Limonene, Linalool.

Certain natural compounds contained in this essential oil may present an allergy risk in some people. To measure your tolerance, always do an application test in the crease of the elbow before using in your mixes.


The essential oil of organic mandarin is the Anti Stress par excellence. It is thanks to the presence of the methyl anthranilate ester in its biochemical composition that it gives off this sweet, soft and reassuring fragrance.

Mandarin essential oil is: Anti stress Powerful calming Antiseptic Antispasmodic Immunostimulant Antidepressant Regulating the nervous system


The essential oil of organic mandarin with soothing virtues is indicated for sleep disorders, in times of stress, anxiety in children, hypersensitivity and depression. By its antiseptic properties, it will also be useful in case of colds.

The sweetness of its fragrance will captivate you and carry you away in a bubble of peace. Small tip: Mandarin essential oil is perfect for cooking. It will subtly enhance your starters (salads, seafood), desserts (mousses, sorbets, creams) and cocktails.


Modes of use

Consult a physician before any therapeutic use or oral treatment.

Oral route:

2 drops of organic mandarin essential oil, 3 times a day with a little honey, syrup or on a pastille, for agitation and stress.

On the skin :

4 drops of organic mandarin essential oil + 4 drops of organic sesame vegetable oil, applied to the solar plexus for insomnia.

In diffusion:

The organic mandarin essential oil diffused in your child's room will bring him comfort, it alleviates fears, dispels nightmares and promotes sleep.

Synergy: Sandalwood, lavender

Possible synergy

In energy aromatherapy, mandarin essential oil is associated with the heart chakra "Anahata", the 4th chakra. Its color is green, its element is air.

Mandarin essential oil anchors you in the present. It dispels the fears buried deep in the soul and the heart. It allows letting go and opens the heart to the path of compassion.

Synergy: Roman chamomile, ylang ylang.

Precaution for use

Flammable. Oral use on medical advice. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Not recommended for children under 3 and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not apply to the skin before sun exposure. Food use possible. Do not use pure on the skin.


The information given on essential oils through this website is provided for informational purposes. They can in no way replace the advice given by a doctor. For any therapeutic use or if you want more information about essential oils, please consult a doctor.


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