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Frankincense essential oil


Frankincense essential oil

Boswellia carterii

Botanical Properties

Origin and history

Originally from Yemen, frankincense has been exploited and associated for millennia with ritual ceremonies, burned to release its divine smoke. Considered a sacred substance in temples and churches, the smoke of incense is responsible for raising prayers to the heavens and the gods.

Organoleptic properties

Appearance: liquid

Color: yellow, light yellow or dark brown

Odor: resinous, balsamic, spicy, sweet

Distilled parts: Resin

Country of origin: Somalia

Density: 0.860 - 0.890


Main biochemical constituents or chemotype: alpha-pinene, limonene.

Allergenic molecules naturally present in this essential oil: Limonene.

Certain natural compounds contained in this essential oil may present an allergy risk in some people. To measure your tolerance, always do an application test in the crease of the elbow before using in your mixes.


Dominated by the monoterpenes which enter into its biochemical composition, the essential oil of frankincense organic frankincense is a precious anti-inflammatory.
It has antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal properties.
It is also anticatarrhal, expectorant, antidepressant.


Frankincense essential oil acts effectively on a weakened respiratory system: asthma, bronchopulmonary infections, and stimulates the immune system.
On an emotional level, it calms the blues and depression.
It constitutes a good skin tonic.



Consult a physician before any therapeutic use or oral treatment.

Oral use: 2 drops of organic frankincense essential oil, 3 times a day to be taken with a little honey, syrup or on a lozenge, for respiratory infections.

On the skin: Mix 3 drops of organic cypress essential oil + 2 drops of organic hazelnut vegetable oil, for rheumatism.

In diffusion: In atmospheric diffusion, it promotes spiritual elevation, prepares for meditation, invites to a Zen atmosphere.

Possible synergies

Scent and diffusion:
Spiritual Sandalwood : Nard

Energetic values ​​and synergies

In energy aromatherapy, frankincense is associated with the upper chakra. Its color is magenta.

This chakra unites the spiritual and physical worlds. Frankincense essential oil promotes spiritual learning and develops capacities to transmit it. It detaches from fear, reduces stress, it promotes meditation and spiritual quests.

In synergy: Myrrh

Meditation: Mudra of inspiration, with organic frankincense essential oil in diffusion or place a few drops in the crook of your neck.


Flammable. Oral use on medical advice. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Not recommended for children under 3 and pregnant or breastfeeding women. 


The information given on essential oils through this website is provided for informational purposes. They can in no way replace the advice given by a doctor. For any therapeutic use or if you want more information on essential oils, consult a professional.

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