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Butterfly Ginger essential oil


Butterfly Ginger essential oil

Alpinia hedychium

Botanical Properties

Origin and history

Butterfly ginger, also called “flor de Mariposa” in Cuba (where it is the national flower), is actually native to India.

Organoleptic properties

Appearance: Fluid liquid

Color: pale yellow

Odor: Notes of lavender, peppery, slightly lemony

Distilled parts: Leaves

Country of origin: Madagascar

Density: 0.872




Balancing the nervous system

Comforting, positive, energizing

Anti stress

Help to assert your personality


Depressive temperament, lack of self-confidence

Lack of motivation

Stress, anxiety, nervousness, nervous fatigue

Need to let go

Addictions, support for smoking cessation



Atmospheric diffusion for all psycho-emotional issues

Aromatic infusion: a pure drop on the inside of the wrists

In skin application, diluted in vegetable oil: massage along the spine

Possible synergies

Fight stress: in association with the EO of petitgrain sour orange, officinal lavender, shell marjoram

Relieve temporary depression: in combination with EO of bergamot or ylang ylang

Lack of self-confidence: with noble laurel oil

Energetic values ​​and synergies

Associated to the 5 th chakra, this ET promotes trust and connection with the outside world, trade with each other.


Flammable. Oral use on medical advice. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Not recommended for children under 3 and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not apply to the skin before sun exposure. Food use possible. Do not use pure on the skin.


The information given on essential oils through this website is provided for informational purposes. They can in no way replace the advice given by a doctor. For any therapeutic use or if you want more information about essential oils, please consult a doctor.

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