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Anti-inflammatory Essential Oils



There are numerous ways to reduce the signs and consequences of inflammation, like diet and medication.

Essential oils provide an alternative and natural method to seek relief. There are numerous essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties. To assist in making life a bit simpler for our readers, we have picked the top of our favourite essential oils that can reduce the discomfort you might encounter throughout your lifetime.

Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil

The essential oil of Eucalyptus is well-known for its capacity to clear the airways and improve breathing. Did you know it could also aid in this by helping ease symptoms of inflammation? Eucalyptus has natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. When employed for aromatherapy may assist in helping alleviate symptoms of inflammation and respiratory infections and work in conjunction with your body to combat infection and assist in your healing.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Like Eucalyptus, Tea Tree essential oil is well-known for its respiratory benefits as well as others. Presently, there is research to prove it is Tea Tree also has natural anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. Particularly, Tea Tree essential oil can ease inflammation and symptoms of various respiratory illnesses like bronchitis or an unrelenting cough.

Peppermint Essential Oil

This essential oil of Peppermint is well-known because of its analgesic and cooling properties. If you are suffering from severe inflammation due to an injury or overworked muscles, Peppermint can help. Peppermint essential oil is a source of menthone and menthol, both of which possess anti-inflammatory properties. In one study menthol decreased the number of leukocytes.


There is a type of white blood cell that travel to an area of injury and may cause inflammation. By cooling the area affected and therefore reducing blood flow and the number of leukocytes that are present in the region, the essential oil of Peppermint helps to reduce the effects of inflammation.