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Gelair™ Tub - Tea Tree Oil for Bathrooms, Toilets, Wardrobe

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Gelair™ gel matrix in an all-purpose Tub to suit low volume, low flow areas such as bathrooms, toilets and wardrobes. The controlled and sustained release of Australian Tea Tree Oil vapour provides long-lasting, maintenance-free protection against mould, bacteria and viruses.

  • Treats air and dust to control micro-organisms, bacteria, and mould.
  • Patented formulation helps reduce household odours.
  • Natural essential oil freshness.
  • Hygienically deodorise your home every time you use it.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • It helps keep my family protected against germs-bacteria and diseases.

Gelair™ Tub is highly concentrated! Each 500mL tub contains between 50 to 100 mL of 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil (5 to 10 bottles of 10 mL) compliant to ISO 4730:2004(E) Oil of Melaleuca, terpinen-4-ol type (Tea Tree oil)

The Gelair™ Tub provides controlled and sustained release of high-quality Australian Tea Tree Oil vapour for up to 3 months. Once released, the vapour permeates through the area or room, sanitising both the air and surfaces.

The sterilising and sanitising properties of the Gelair™ Tub continues for the entire life of the gel matrix due to its superior ability to control the release of specific concentrations of Australian Tea Tree Oil vapour over a long period of time.

Tea tree oil is widely known for its ability to improve air quality. Use regularly for best results.

Australian Tea Tree Oil

Gelair is a non-producer member of the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA) and is certified to:

- Use only 100% pure Australian tea tree oil
- Use the Code of ATTIA Code of Practice (COP)




Choosing the right Gelair™ Tub:

Room Description Suggested Gelair™ Tub Size
Toilet 250 mL
Small Wardrobe/Children's Wardrobe 250 mL
Shoes Cabinet 250 mL
Larger Wardrobe (2-door) 500 mL
Bathroom 500 mL


Gelair™ Performance Plates

Tests performed on mould agar plates

Untreated - this is what you could be breathing in from the air on a daily basis - bacteria, viruses and mould that can endanger your health!

Gelair™ Tea Tree Oil Spray (All-purpose Spray for surfaces) - when applied on surfaces, like tile grouts, walls, etc, the special formulation of Gelair™ lets Australian Tea Tree Oil penetrate the porous surface and killing the mould at its roots. 

Gelair™ Health-e Split / Tub (Vapour only, for air treatment) - the air is treated with 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil that makes it difficult for mould, bacteria, and viruses to grow.

Gelair Performance Plates 

Case Study

Gelair Case Study

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About the Australian Tea Tree Oil used in Gelair™ products:

Tea tree oil is an essential oil which is known around the world for its incredible sterilising properties (removal or killing of all forms of microbial life present including transmissible agents such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms, mould, etc.). The sterilising properties of tea tree oil are present both as a liquid and as a vapour.

Not all tea tree oils are of a similar standard. All Gelair™ products contain only Australian Tea Tree Oil compliant to c. This ensures a superior product every time with a minimal chance of irritation due to poor quality oils.


Directions for use:

Remove seal to expose gel. Screw lid back into place. Place Gelair Tub near air handlers, toilets, or any location where there is potential mildew, mould, moist, or static air. Gelair Tub will slowly evaporate, releasing the odour fighting vapours. Lasts up to 3 months depending on air flow. Replace as necessary.



Australian Tea Tree Oil, Scented Essential Oils, Gelling Agent, Alcohol, Glycerin, Water.

Made in Australia

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