Sanitizing spray with organic essential oils, proven effectiveness

This sanitizing spray will destroy bacteria and fungi after only 5 minutes of action. It will eliminate bad odors and leave a pleasant scent in your whole environment.

Clinically tested: Proven efficacy according to the NF EN 1040 bactericidal test and NF EN 1275 fungicide test standards. Effective in 5 min on any surface.

Advice :

Spray solution: 6 to 8 sprays (3 to 5 ml) to spray in the air, in the four corners of the room or on the surface to be treated, renewable several times a day.
This product destroys germs (bacteria, microscopic fungi) potentially responsible for respiratory problems.
It eliminates bad odors (bedding, shoes, animal kennels, toilets, damp rooms, etc.), purifies polluted or smoky atmospheres. It can be used in all rooms of the house.
100% natural, this sanitizing spray will respect your nature.


Organic vegetable ethanol *, Organic essential oils: Eucalyptus radiata *, SARO *, Black spruce *, MARITIME PINE *, LAVANDIN SUPER *, GERANIUM ROSAT *, ROSEMARY CINEOL *, MENTHE ARVENSIS *, Litsea cubeba *, Lemon *, Peppermint * , Spearmint *, Sweet Orange *, Niaouli *, Cinnamon branches *, Tea tree *, Palmarosa *, Clove Clou *, Cajeput *, Cedar *, Ravintsara *, Clary sage *, Savory *, Myrtle *, Thyme Linalool *, Oregano *, Genevrier *, Cade bois *, Marjoram with shell *, Curcuma *, Myrrh *, Hemlock *.
Potentially allergenic molecules naturally contained in essential oils: Citral, Citronellol, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol and Eugenol.

* ingredients from organic farming.