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Gelair™ All Purpose Tea Tree Oil Spray for Surfaces, Tile Grout, and Silicone

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Gelair™ All Purpose Steriliser & Cleaner, Tea Tree Oil Spray for Surfaces, Tile Grout, and Silicone - 100 mL Spray

Gelair™ All Purpose Steriliser & Cleaner works in one easy action.

  • Kills mould and bacteria (germs) on most surfaces
  • Stops growth of mould on grout and silicone
  • Removes grease, grime, scum, and stains
  • It helps keep my family protected against germs-bacteria and diseases.

The penetrating action of Australian Tea Tree Oil stops the growth of mould on prous surfaces such as grout and silicone for up to 12 weeks. This specifically formulated Gelair™ All Purpose Steriliser & Cleaner sticks to vertical surfaces longer ensuring effective action.

Australian Tea Tree Oil

Gelair is a non-producer member of the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA) and is certified to:

- Use only 100% pure Australian tea tree oil
- Use the Code of ATTIA Code of Practice (COP)

Highly concentrated! Each bottle contains at least 10 mL of pure Australian Tea Tree Oil! 

How effective is Gelair™ Tea Tree Oil Spray in against moulds?

Third party tests below show that application of Gelair Tea Tree Oil Spray resulted to over 98.72% reduction of Aspergillus niger (black mould)

Gelair Test

How effective is Gelair™ Tea Tree Oil Spray against MRSA and legionella?

Third party test below shows that Gelair Tea Tree Oil spray can effectively reduce Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) by 99.9993% and reduce Legionella pneumophillia (Legionnaire's disease/Legionnaire's pneumonia) by 99.9995%

Gelair vs MRSA and Legionella 

Gelair™ Performance Plates

Tests performed on mould agar plates

Untreated - this is what you could be breathing in from the air on a daily basis - bacteria, viruses and mould that can endanger your health!

Gelair™ Tea Tree Oil Spray (All-purpose Spray for surfaces) - when applied on surfaces, like tile grouts, walls, etc, the special formulation of Gelair™ lets Australian Tea Tree Oil penetrate the porous surface and killing the mould at its roots. 

Gelair™ Health-e Split / Tub (Vapour only, for air treatment) - the air is treated with 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil that makes it difficult for mould, bacteria, and viruses to grow.

Gelair Performance Plates



Who uses Gelair


Shake well before use.

Adjust nozzle for suitable spray width and spray directly onto the surface. Leave for 10-20 minutes then wash clean with water or wipe with damp cloth. Gelair™ All Purpose may affect some painted surfaces and plastics. Test on surfaces prior to use. When using on these materials, Gelair™ All Purpose should be applied with a damp cloth and the surface wiped clean prior to finishing.



100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil*, Emulsifier, Water

 *Compliant to ISO 4730:2004(E) Oil of Melaleuca, terpinen-4-ol type (Tea Tree oil)

Made in Australia


About the Australian Tea Tree Oil used in Gelair™ products:

Tea tree oil is an essential oil which is known around the world for its incredible sterilising properties (removal or killing of all forms of microbial life present including transmissible agents such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms, mould, etc.). The sterilising properties of tea tree oil are present both as a liquid and as a vapour.

Not all tea tree oils are of a similar standard. All Gelair™ products contain only Australian Tea Tree Oil compliant to ISO 4730:2004(E) Oil of Melaleuca, terpinen-4-ol type (Tea Tree oil). This ensures a superior product every time with a minimal chance of irritation due to poor quality oils.


Additional Tips:

  • To prevent the spread and growth of airborne mould in your air conditioning systems (window or split type) use Gelair™ Health-e Split.
  • For low air flow, low air volume areas such as wardrobe, shoes cabinet, bathrooms, and toilets, use Gelair™ Tub
  • For aircon deep cleaning and sanitising (using Gelair products),contact us for quotation. All-natural. No chemicals. We go beyond the traditional aircon cleaning.


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