Fortifying Precious Oil, 30mL

Precious oil "FORTIFYING" with organic essential oils

This oil provides a great boost to devitalised, dull, and creased skin by utilising the powerful richness of nature. The precious jasmine absolute essence, as well as organic plant oils derived from argan, sweet almond, and sunflower combine to bring your skin elements which will reveal its natural brightness. This balanced formula is extremely fine and will stimulate the epidermis all whilst providing your skin with an immeasurable sense of softness. Your skin will become velvety soft and luminous. 


 Spray a couple of times into the palm of the hand or on some cotton wool, and apply directly to the face, neck, and/or body.
We recommend using this fortifying care oil on a daily basis. 



Organic virgin plant/vegetable oils: Argan, Sweet almond, Sunflower
Jasmine absolute. 
Vitamin E. 

Capacity: 30 mL