Fantastic Four: Peru Pyrite Cluster (I Style)

Equip Yourself with Fantastic Four Series II of IV:

Are you running out of quality and intentional "ME-time" because your daily schedule includes everyone but you?

Do you find yourself often thinking about saving someone's ass, but your tasks always get distracted?

Do you tend to deny all your effort and hard work just because of people's comments and what others think of you?

Considering the amount of stress and pressure you had been through last year, it is now the right time to de-stress and reboot yourself to keep your mental and physical health. Me-time doesn't only mean relaxing and stop the multi-tasking you are doing; it is a way to rejuvenate your busy day, equipped with the power of nature, refresh perspective, and stay motivated throughout the year!

Collection information:

This Peru Pyrite Cluster consists of uncountable bright and shining golden cubic crystals, the metallic luster and pale brass-yellow tinge, a superficial resemblance to gold. It is originated from the mystery and majestic of the Peruvian Andes.


Size:  LxWxH  15 x 8x 7CM

Weight: 1.32kg

Origin: Peruvian Andes

Installation: Pedestal included

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