Fantastic Four: Madagascar Ocean Jasper Egg (S Style)

Equip Yourself with Fantastic Four Series III of IV:

Are you being passive and lack courage after what you had been through last year?

Do you ever hold back yourself just because you are not confident and rob the chance to be recognized or promoted?

Are you afraid of changes although you know this will lead to a better outcome?

Stop resist changes! Think of it as a “software upgrade” that drive you to something awesome; saying yes to change naturally open up to more opportunity. Be prepared yourself, equipped yourself with the power of nature, and embrace the brand new you. Believe it or not, you can do the magic and become the Grand Duke of the year!

Collection information:

This Madagascar Jasper Egg is fabulous with the extremely rare size in 43CM height which is almost the size of a 15-inch laptop! It features nice natural coloration and the exposed quartz crystals add to its charm, creating a one of a kind display that stands out in any room! Jasper is the most favorite gemstone in the ancient world, and its origin can be traced back to Assyria, Ancient Greek.



Diameter: 27cm

Height: 43cm

Weight: 45 kg

Origin: Madagascar

Installation: Pedestal included

Remark: Transportation & installation included

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