Ensure Guard Mini Air Shield with one 200ml Refill

Ensure Guard Mini Air Shield with one 200ml refill


Mini Air Shield is a small but effective air sanitizing device specially designed for your close range protection. Its smart and petite design allows a versatile application, sanitizing your surrounding whether you are in your car, in the office, at a restaurant, a hair salon or by your bed-side.

To use in the vehicle, simply turn on the Mini Air Shield at the beginning of your journey and the air flow of the car air conditioning system will automatically circulate Ensure Guard to every corner of the entire vehicle, including the interior of the air-conditioning system, which is inherently infested with mold and germs. This way, you can ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly disinfected and every passenger is protected.


Ensure Guard’s cationic technology instantly attracts and eradicates all bacteria and viruses in the air, thereby effectively intercepting up to 98% of all airborne pathogens, as certified by an internationally recognized laboratory.

Ensure Guard is made with natural ingredients. Its unique formula is highly effective against bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19#, and has been certified to have no oral or inhalation toxicity (all supported by international 3rd party testing institutions). It is now widely applied in domestic and commercial settings to help fight against viruses..

#Australian Lab test results (endorsed by the Australian Government Health Department TGA) confirmed efficacy against COVID 19 virus.

Product Specification

Voltage : 3.7V

Battery capacity : 800 mAh

Weight : 310g

Capacity : 250ml

Dimension :  70 * 70*147mm

Coverage : ≤60Ft²

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