Ensure Guard Handy Mister with one 100ml refill (Gift set)

This portable and compact disinfectant mister is a perfect travel companion for carrying around with its sleek sliding cover design that is easily operable with only one hand. The mister’s unique design is specially customized to pair with the nano-properties of Ensure Guard, emitting an ultra-fine mist to a wide surface area. This will not only optimize consumption and effectively extending the usage of each refill, while providing easy access for the complete disinfection and sterilization of any personal, environmental and object surfaces.


Product specification

Size: (H)123x(W)40x(L)23.5mm

Battery capacity: ≤500mA 

Water tank capacity: 16ml

Charging current: ≤300mA 

Charging voltage: 5V 

Charging time: around 2 hours 

Net weight: 74g