Ensure Guard Anywhere Air Shield with one 500ml Refill

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Ensure Guard Anywhere Air Shield with one 500ml refill


Anywhere Air Shield is a portable air sanitizing device specially designed for indoor air protection.The sleek and stylish appearance matches well with any environment, whether at home, office, shop, medical center, gym... Anywhere Air Shield utilizes an atomization technology to optimize the nano characteristic of Ensure Guard in aerosol form. The nano particles are capable of staying afloat creating a 3 dimensional protection mesh infiltrating the indoor air space wherever you may be anytime, anywhere. Ensure Guard’s cationic technology instantly attracts and eradicates all bacteria & viruses, thereby effectively intercepting up to 98% of all air borne pathogens which has been certified by international recognized laboratory.


The Anywhere Air Shield is easy to operate, cordless with USB charging, can operate manually or program via Bluetooth to automatically operate according to your customized operating modes.

Ensure Guard is made with natural ingredients and does not contain alcohol or any chemicals. Its unique formula is highly effective against bacteria & viruses, including Covid-19# and has been certified to have no oral or inhalation toxicity, all supported by international 3rd party testing institutions. It has been widely applied for sanitization in domestic and commercial applications.

#Australian Lab test results (endorsed by the Australian Government Health Department TGA) confirmed efficacy against COVID 19 virus.

 Product Specification

Dimension : W115 * H285mm

Power : 1.6W

Voltage : 3.7V

Weight : 1.75kg

Capacity : 500ml

Coverage : ≤500Sq Ft.

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