Ensure Guard 30ml Mini Aluminium Spray Bottle Gift Set

This neatly designed 30ml Aluminium Spray Bottle is your perfect travel companion.


Lined with a special resin (Epoxy Phenolic*) interior lining, which keeps the contents from direct contact with the aluminium body, users can be assured that Ensure Guard is well preserved in this food grade compatible aluminium container, ready for use. This high quality aluminium container is also designed with reusability and recyclability in mind, exemplifying the natural and environmental values of Ensure Guard.


*EP: Epoxy phenolic internal coat is approved by the FDA Test.


The Mini Aluminium Spray Bottle comes in a stylishly designed wooden cylindrical case and special package bag, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.


Product Specification


Volume: 30ml

Size: (W)30mm x (H)85mm

Material: Aluminium


Size: (Diameter)60mm x (H)110mm

Material: Wood