Deep Valley Biodynamically Grown Organic Coffee


The 100% Demeter certified biodynamic organic coffee grown from Espírito Santo, Brazil, provides you with pure organic beans, free of chemicals, and follows the planting specifications of the Demeter biodynamic certification program to return the soil to nature and restore vitality. At the same time, ecological conservation and food safety are taken into consideration to bring higher quality coffee.

Place of Origin: Espirito Santo, Brazil
Altitude: 1,200 meters
Plantation: Camocim Estate
Certification: Obtained Demeter biodynamic certification, organic certification, non-GMO certification
Roasting degree: Middle
roasting plant: New York Long Valley Coffee, small batch hand-made exquisite Bake


Deep Valley™ Biodynamic coffee has more flavor than traditional coffee and is recommended by global users

"This coffee is absolutely delicious. It has an incomparably pure-tasting satisfying ...taste. Like an exquisite deep strong dark chocolate finish. No chemical tastes or aftertastes... simply exceptional. I love it. Once you have some...other coffee will pale in comparison." -Mary T.

“Thankful there are biodynamic products such as this! This is a regenerative soil-supportive form of agriculture and the coffee is both bold in flavor and nutty. Not an oily coffee.” -TheStarChild.

Coffee beans are only grown on a plateau at 1,200 meters above sea level, which gives the coffee a stronger aroma

Geographical location is an important factor affecting the flavor of coffee beans. Coffee beans grown at different altitudes experience different meteorological factors, including temperature, light, heat, wind speed or rainfall, etc., which will affect the development and quality of coffee beans. The year-round frost-free climate, moderate rainfall, and abundant sunshine in high altitude areas provide ideal growth conditions for coffee. The fruit will be denser, the acid aroma will be richer, and the coffee aroma will be stronger.

Use the sun treatment method to make the coffee beans sweeter and more nutty

Deep Valley™ uses the most primitive sun treatment method, in which freshly harvested coffee berries are exposed to direct sunlight for about two to four weeks. Because Espírito Santo, Brazil is in a tropical steppe climate zone, it has strong sunlight and low fermentation. The flavor tends to be nutty, and the coffee beans are more mellow and exude natural sweetness.

The degree of deep baking is suitable for those who like strong and bitter taste

Coffee beans variety, origin, roasting, brewing, and even storage methods will affect the flavor of the final coffee beans. Deep roasted coffee beans have lower acidity than light and medium roasted coffees, and their mellowness and bitterness will become obvious, giving off bursts of chocolate and caramel-like aroma.

Organically grown coffee is responsible for the environment, and the chemical-free content makes you feel at ease drinking


Organic coffee has better antioxidant capacity than traditional coffee, promotes body and fat metabolism


Deep Valley™ Biodynamic coffee supports environmental conservation and has passed multiple organic certifications