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Globex Spirulina

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Globex Spirulina is the only professional-quality spirulina available in Hong Kong.

Spirulina is the most nutritious single-cell green food naturally available on earth. GLOBEX Spirulina is 100% Vegetarian and NON-TOXIC. The production facility is strictly monitored and certified by ISO 9001, 14001,22000,2005 & safety. GLOBEX Spirulina ingredient is KOSHER, HALAL & 100% ORGANIC CERTIFIED by Eco-Cert, Naturaland, USDA & US Pharmacopeia (USP).

Globex Spirulina is a whole food supplement, packed with dense nutrients, complete organic nutrition for you & your family.
It helps keep my immune system strong.
INGREDIENTS: Each tablet contains USP grade fully certified Organic Spirulina powder 500mg without binders and excipients.

No added sugar, yeast, artificial color, flavor & preservative or animal products. NO GMO GLUTEN FREE.
CONTENTS: Each pack contains 100 tablets of 500 mg each. 1 pack provides 8 weeks supply for 1 adult or 16 weeks for children.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Adult 3 to 4 tablets. Children 1 to 2 tablets. Before, after or with a meal.

SUGGESTED BENEFITS: Spirulina is the most researched microalgae for the past 30 years globally. Based on published research articles from various universities. Spirulina can be beneficial for immune support, detox, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, brain health, fiver health, female health, cardio health, digestive health, diabetic concern, stem cell production, all day ENERGY, complete nutrition, etc.

Vegan and Sustainable Farming Process
Globex Spirulina is produced in the warm tropical climate of South India, far from industrial and Agriculture activities.

Certified 100% Organic and Safe
Our organic spirulina meets the rigid organic standards of major organic & quality certifying bodies. Global Spirulina has been certified 100% Organic by USDA, Ecocert & Naturland. ISO Certified for food safety. Manufactured according to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Koshar and Halal certified for religious group consumption.

100% Toxin Free
Globex Spirulina is free of heavy metals, yeast, mold, E. coli, has no harmful chemicals, preservatives, additives, artificial colors, no excipients & binders. It is tested for all kinds of known bio-toxins and therefore declared as TOXIN FREE.
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