Heyland and Whittle is an award-winning Luxury soap company known for traditionally creating beautiful natural products.

With Heyland and Whittle years of experience in manufacturing Luxury Handmade Soaps collection, they produce the most delicate handmade olive oil-based soap using only the very best natural ingredients, essential oils, herbs, spices, and pure colorants like madder root and turmeric, creating an extensive range of products free from parabens and sulfates.

Heyland and Whittle are composed of dedicated and highly trained staff who oversee, with care and precision, the handmade soap production.


Why use Heyland and Whittle Natural Soap?


Hayland and Whittle all-natural soaps are made from ingredients, including a vast array of essential oils, herbs, and spices blended to create these handmade soaps.

The fragrance from the soap is enough to fill a bathroom with fantastic aromas.