Ensure Guard


With the frequent outbreaks of new viruses and infectious diseases, many of us have increased our focus and awareness in different sanitizing and disinfecting applications, such as the frequent use of hand sanitizers. Have you ever wondered whether the every-day sanitizing solutions that you rely on are actually effective in protecting your home and your loved ones? Most disinfecting products in the current market contain chemicals or ingredients that can cause harmful side-effects to the human skin and environment; and their sanitizing effects are only effective at the instance of application and have no lasting effect, some might not even be able to achieve the professional standard of ≥99.99% eradication effectiveness. 


Unlike other common sanitizing products, Ensure Guard is a new generation disinfectant that is made from all natural ingredients and is effective against ≥99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria (such as E Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, coronavirus etc) with genuine long-lasting effect.


🌻 All natural ingredients, 0% oral and inhalation toxicity - safe for babies and pets

Ensure Guard is a disinfectant solution created from 100% natural active ingredients from Australia and New Zealand and bottled and finished in Hong Kong. Our products are tested and certified to contain no oral toxicity, no alcohol, and to be non-irritating. Hence, it is safe and harmless to humans (including babies), pets and environment.


🔰Nano technology - continuous protection against ≥99.99% bacteria and viruses

With its pioneering nano coating technology, Ensure Guard’s unique formula creates a protective nano shield over any surface that it is applied on, with long-lasting effect (under laboratory test environment, it has been proven to be effective for at least 30 days) in eradicating and protecting against ≥99.99% bacteria and viruses.


Ensure Guard can be applied on any dry surface and physical environment, including air, human skin, animals, plants, fabric, utensils and cutleries etc. The nano film coating has a genuine long-lasting effect that is not affected even if the surface is subsequently scrubbed or cleaned with other products.

 🌿Environmentally friendly

Ensure Guard pledges to be accountable in operating our business with our beautiful planet in mind. Ensure Guard is 100% safe to humans, animals, plants and the environment. In support of the concept of sustainability, all Ensure Guard bottles are also specially designed to be reusable and recyclable and our packaging uses natural material, where possible.

Ensure you are Guarded!