Here's what Christoffer Weiss - Global Audio-Visual Alchemist - thinks of HoPE's Happy Energy Kit

Diffusing 100% organic essential oils is a great way for you to experience its therapeutic effects. Many people think that using diffusers is only to make the room smell nice. But did you know that diffusing 100% organic essential oils has therapeutic effects?

Why diffuse 100% organic essential oils? Some of its therapeutic effects:
• To help with nasal congestion and respiratory conditions
• To affect your mood and emotions 
• To help with your meditation
• To help with sleeping issues
• To help with concentration and focus
• To help with lack of energy

And so much more! And of course to make your room smell nice. Each condition requires a different combination of essential oils. We have prepared three kits that are the most commonly requested by our customers.

Why 100% organic essential oils?
• No pesticides
• No manufactured herbicides
• No artificial fertilisers 
• More environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment

Did you know that
• HoPE diffusers undergo rigorous quality and safety tests. 
• Each diffuser passed our 8-hour test. The diffuser has worked continuously for at least 8 hours without any problems.
• The logo and markings are all engraved. Essential oils can dissolve ink which will make the print disappear over time. Engraving takes more time but will ensure all the logo and marking stay. As ink is not used, the color depends largely on the material, and no two units will have the same logo and markings color.

Everything you need to know about essential oil diffusers